Audiences to receive a new take on neo-noir with feature The Suicide Theory

Brisbane mates Dru Brown, Christian McCarty and Jake McCarty are set to captivate audiences with their new neo-noir drama The Suicide Theory, filmed on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Starring Steve Mousakis (I-Frankenstein), the film was directed by Dru Brown and

written by New York-based Michael J Kospiah.


Produced by Seven 8 Media, the film encompasses the life of two troubled men who begin to create a dysfunctional friendship under some very dark circumstances.


Mousakis plays Steven Ray, a disturbed hit-man, who is hired by a heart-broken failed suicide case to do the job for him.


Leon Cain (Pharaoh’s Army, Terra Nova) plays opposite Mouzakis as the equally troubled Percival – the man who just can’t seem to kill himself.


The Seven8 Media team used an all-Queensland crew and an all-Australian cast to produce the film which was shot across Brisbane and the coast including on location at the Q1 building, Easts Broadbeach and the Gold Coast Turf Club.


The three mates teamed up with local producer Mel Poole (Nice Package) and award-winning Director of Photography DAN MACARTHUR (Absolute Deception (Cuba Gooding Jnr.), Blood Money) to bring this compelling story to life.


“This film is something I don’t think Australia has ever really experienced before.  It’s a story that has so many layers and elements – a story that will have you thinking about it long after you have seen it”, Director Dru Brown said.


Writer Michael J Kospiah penned The Suicide Theory following an emotional phase in his own life and the end result is a deeply emotive screenplay about two characters who form a bizarre relationship fuelled by each other’s past tragedies.


Kospiah had worked with Producers Dru and the McCarty brothers on numerous other projects, but The Suicide Theory was his most prized script.


“We were extremely lucky to have won the option for this screenplay, which received interest from around the globe,” Dru Brown said.

The film is on pace for completion in September.

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