Amanda Krantz is a Brisbane Local artist who has launched her art show last week Rickshaw Madam and had a very successful night  and had Councillor Vicki Howard who opened up the night at the Grayton Gallery New Farm. Hush Hush Biz Reporter Courtney Turner here asked a few questions on Amanda latest work.

1. The inspiration for your collection, Rickshaw Madam, was from your recent travels to India and Thailand is this right?

Correct. The term “Rickshaw Madam?” was singly the most heard expression I heard during my time there. (Actually called Tuk-tuks in Thailand)

What about your trip did you find particularly inspirational and translate into your artworks? 

Finding beauty in the strangest of places. Eg,, the slums with all their organically growing, patch-worky collaged homes, with brightly coloured hanging cloth, all dressed up in decorations. Differences in culture in relation to animals – rat worship (a creature viewed as beautiful to those who worship them), sacred cow of course. The dogs! The difference in how they are kept as pets.. the Soi Dogs (street dogs in Thailand) are so mutty, beautifully unmanicured, un de-sexed free to roam and surprisingly well behaved. So, there will be a lot of work on animals, unregulated organically growing homes individual and decorated. Oh and the food! I am painting food. (Let me know if this is enough to go on J)

2. When did you make this trip and how long have you been working on the collection? 

I left last November, returned in April, and I have painting for it since.

3. How did you translate these experiences into your artwork- what materials abnd techniques did you find yourseld using?

Materials include paper made from hand in an Ashram in India, numerous bindies. New techniques include patterns stolen henna tattoos, temple inscriptions and moulding details.. I saw a lot of temples!

4. Do you travel a lot and where are your favourite places to go, that you find the most inspirational? 

I do travel a lot, and I find different places inspirational for different reasons. I try not to be thinking about what artworks I want to make while I’m travelling. I try do just learn. The inspiration part happens later (hopefully). India is amazing in this sense, because it is so full of contradictions, you can’t ever make sense of it. It is a horrible and wonderful place at the same time. New York is great for its art scene, it’s confidence, and it’s crazy optimistic energy.

5. What are you hoping the Brisbane audience takes away from your art show in November? 

I hope they take a painting away! 😉 Kidding. Firstly I hope they get sense of the evolution of the work since last year’s show. I hope they see beauty in what we may normally consider ugly subject matter. I want them to feel thanked for their ongoing support.. I feel these openings should be less about the artist, and more a party the artist provides as thanks.

6. Have you had past exhibitions in Brisbane?

4 solo shows, some groups shows too.

7. You have said you draw inspiration from from travel, memories as well as objects in your surrounding environment. Do you think there is a common link that connects your subject matter? 

Good question. Hmmm… I think the only common thread, is me 😉 (Sorry I will keep pondering that one)

8. Your work was recently chosen to be displayed in Times Square in New York- When did this happen and how was your artwork selected? 

It was selected as a part of the “Art Takes Time Square” initiative, and it was an online competition held in April-May, where you were voted for by your peers, and collectors. Works were displayed in June on giant electronic billboards.

9. You have sold many artworks online and in galleries, has your artwork been popular mainly in Australia to date or also overseas? 

Definitely the majority of works have been sold here in Australia. Often to the major hubs in Melbourne and Sydney, but also online to many of the regional areas Australia wide. A lot of these regional areas otherwise have few gallery options. I have work also in USA, UK, Japan, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Portugal.

10. Do you think having your artwork displayed in New York will raise your profile on the international stage? 

It is certainly good kudos, New York is still the art capital of the world. Hmm.. it’s hard for me to tell to be honest.

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