The OZ Night Markets which opened in April this year have been growing each week with a variety of food stalls, crafts stalls and with a increasing amount of people returning and with more each week discovering a unique market on every Saturday night that is undercover at Booval Fair Shopping Centre in Brisbane Rd Ipswich.

Next Saturday 21st June, the Manager Edmond Wong has invited “Ben Zabel”, who last year was one of the most popular housemates in the Big Brother House. His popularity has increased due to the fact that he now appears each week on channel nine “Mornings” with Sonia Kruger, and David Campbell, as well as BI05 radio in Brisbane.
He has grown an a amazing fan base, and in speaking with Ben this week he is looking forward to meeting everyone at the OZ Night Markets. The Markets are all about offering the visitors a experience in food that is from all parts of the world, and is a great family outing and carters for the kids to come and play, while others explore the shopping to get last minute gifts that are arts and crafty. With the highlight of Ben coming this is a great way to come and meet Ben on stage where we will be chatting on some fun questions and where you can get a photo with him or have something you might like to bring with you to get signed by BEN. Markets open at 5.30pm with Stage appearance commencing at 7.00pm to after 8.0pm.

Go like the page for OZ Night Markets and check out there website

In the meantime we asked a few questions to Ben, and we ask more on the night as to how things are in his ever changing world of now being a celebrity figure.


1. With almost a year gone now from doing Big Brother apart from Tim who else do you stay in contact with from the house?

No. Of the 20 other people from the house, I was the only one from Brisbane. Which makes catching up difficult.

2. What is the best advice you can give for anyone that wants to look at being part of a reality show like BB?

Find what makes you ‘different’ and don’t be afraid to show it.

3. Being a national celebrity figure do you at times wish you could turn back the clock on occasions or do you love what you do and if you could changes things what would they be?

When it’s a Sunday morning and I’m popping down to the shops, unshaven and people chat and take selfies. Then, and only then, do I wish I could turn the clock back! However everyone is so complimentary and kind wherever I go.

4. You are known for your taste in appreciating old things and adore Bert Newton and Patty and other singers, has anyone tried to change that in making you look at other tastes or do you want to stay in the norm.

I’ve had a few people in the ‘industry’ suggest I try and learn more about the 21st Century, listen to FM radio and read some gossip magazines but I’m just not interested. I just like what I like!

5. What are 5 things you love to do?
Sleep, wear my PJ’s all day, watch TV/DVD’s, go for a walk along the Brisbane River and have a nice cup of tea!

6. What are you favourite places in the world to go to that you have visited?

I’m yet to really travel. If I’d won, I would have obviously gone to Graceland. I’d like to go to Egypt, the UK and Italy. Anything that has ‘history’ I’m a nerd like that…

7. If you were given a wish to be granted what would you wish for?

Health and happiness. Simple as that.

8. What is your favourite Food?

I’m vegetarian, so I find Mexican and Indian food very compatible for me.

9. What is your favourite Film of all time?

Too hard! However I can watch ‘Vertigo’ and ‘The Blues Brothers’ over and over and they’re quite different films!

10 What are 5 things you hate to do?
Cooking, ironing, driving, grocery shopping and exercise.
Words Caroline Russo

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  1. Carolyn Mitchell on July 10, 2014

    Is Tim still taking Ben to Graceland?