Book Review :Crash by Nicole Williams

Crash by Nicole Williams

Book review by Hush Hush Biz book reviewer Jamie Campbell

Lucy is a dancer, that is all she wants for her life and future. With a dysfunctional family already causing her more problems than she knows what to do with, she definitely doesn’t need her life to change any more than it has.

Starting at a new school after summer break, Lucy meets and instantly falls for bad boy Jude Ryder. He doesn’t do girlfriends, he rarely does anything except commit crimes and beat up people.

Yet the two have a connection that is undeniable. No matter how many times he warns her away, Lucy can’t resist the lure of the untamed rebel. She spends the entire school year potentially messing up her entire future to be with him.

Crash is an addictive love story that you cannot put down once started. We want to reform Jude just as much as Lucy does. We are also just as hurt as her as well when it doesn’t all go to plan.

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