dan-brown-infernoInferno by Dan Brown

By Jamie Campbell 


The highly anticipated new novel from Dan Brown, Inferno, had a lot to live up to.


Following Robert Langdon as he wakes up in a Florence hospital with no memory, he quickly has to escape a killer. He finds himself running for his life around Florence with no ally except his doctor.


While struggling to remember what happened and how he even ended up in Italy, it appears several people are out for Langdon’s blood.


Caught up in a plan to spread a deadly virus that will wipe out the majority of the human population, Langdon must use his knowledge of Dante’s Inferno to solve the mystery. With time running out, he has to locate the virus before it’s released.


Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation must face the issue of overpopulation. If people continue to populate at such a rate, the survival of the human race is in jeopardy.


A very interesting concept, and thought provoking, Inferno does what Brown does best – make you believe. Peppered with truths, you find yourself questioning who you are going to cheer for – the villain or the hero?


I am a huge fan of Brown’s books, so was excited to read Inferno. However, there was just something missing. Perhaps it was my expectation, perhaps it was something else, but I didn’t get as hooked as with everything else he has written.


The ending also left me unsatisfied. If there isn’t another instalment in the Langdon series, then I will be very disappointed.


Overall, a great story and still an outstanding, heavily researched, novel.


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