Book Review of ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’

Keep Your Enemies Close by H.S. Stone

Book review by Hush Hush Biz book reviewer Jamie Campbell.

Lia and Bryn’s whole world is shattering around them. After an alien invasion of their planet, they join the army in the hopes of protecting their loved ones.

Unfortunately, while out on patrol, the aliens take their families. With a burning passion to get them back, they do the unthinkable – team up with one of them in order to rescue their people.

The unlikely trio embark on a journey that will have startling revelations for them all. Needing to build trust in a hopeless situation, the stakes are continually raised until their bond is fully tested.

With a brilliant twist that you will not see coming, Keep Your Enemies Close, is a science fiction thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. Definitely one to read for anyone that loves aliens.

A Fast Five with the Author, H.S. Stone:

1. How did you build the alien world?
I modeled the alien world after our own world in the late twentieth century, with only a few minor differences, because I wanted the story to feel like the situations can easily be reversed.

2. Was there a message you were hoping you get across in the book?
The message in Keep Your Enemies Close is an old message: don’t judge a book by its cover, those who you think are your enemies may be your friends and vice versa, and our opinions of people can change when we get to know them better. (Is that three messages or one?) Even Rocky 4 delivered a version of that message at the end of the movie!

3. Who was your favourite character in the book?
Jonathan became my favorite character as I wrote the book. At first, I was going to make him more heartless than he turned out to be, but having him go through his transformation wound up being very satisfying to write, and I hope the readers enjoy it too.

4. What can we expect from the next book in the series?
I tend to write standalone books, so I don’t have any definitive plans for more in this series. However, if readers ask me for more, I certainly have a few ideas up my sleeve. 🙂

5. How did you come up with the concept?
I’ve always been a fan of alien invasion stories, but I can’t recall ever reading one or seeing one in the theaters where the roles are reversed and we’re the alien invaders. I’m a big believer in writing stories that you want to read, so it naturally followed that I’d write Keep Your Enemies Close!

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