Book Review of ‘Lost & Found’

Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell

Rowen Sterling has been kicked out of home and shipped off to live on a farm for the summer. Having disgraced the mother she can barely remember being motherly, Rowan is on her own.

Welcomed into the open arms of the ranch family, Rowan never realised what it was like to truly be a part of something. When she meets their son, Jesse, she finally knows what’s like to be loved.

But with the haunting of her past and her insecurities making her believe things are too good to be true, Rowan pushes Jesse away.

Yet the cowboy is a little hard to dissuade. With storms, stuck calves, and ex-girlfriends to get in their way, Rowan knows she can only accept love if she believes she is truly worthy of it.

A gripping love story that cannot be put down, Lost & Found is a must read for anyone who has ever felt like a freak and wanted to be loved for it anyway. Williams is a master at crafting romance and getting you from the first page.

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