Book Review of ‘Mystic City’

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell.

In a world where global warming has flooded the city of New York, all the elite live high above the water. All the poor live in the sewers.

Aria is one of the wealthy. She is ready to marry the son of a rival dynasty and unite the two parts of the city. If she could only remember him and the rest of her life, she would be fine.

But something keeps drawing her back to the underground. That someone is Hunter, a boy with illegal powers that he should not have. His touch is familiar but she can’t think why.

Mystic City started off so well. I was enthralled in the story and the characters living in the world. However, it lost me in the end. Graphic violence that was not necessary and a reaction that was laughable completely spoiled it for me. Still a good read, though.

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