Book review of ‘Succubus Blues’

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Book review by Hush Hush Biz book reviewer Jamie Campbell

Georgina Kincaid works in a bookstore, prefers the company of her cat, and loves reading. Oh, and she’s a century’s old succubus too.

Accepting that taking the soul of unsuspecting men is part of her evil duty, Georgina tries to keep the paranormal away from her normal life. If only it was that easy.

When something starts to kill the unnatural creatures around her, Georgina knows there is more to the story than she is being told and her demon boss is keeping secrets from her.

Trying to juggle the good and evil in your life can be exhausting. Especially when the one man you want to be with is human and touching him means sucking out his life force.

A fun and addictive paranormal read from the writer of the Vampire Academy series. While Succubus Blues is for a much older audience, it does not lose that trademark wit, romance, and indulgence. Definitely worth a read for lovers of paranormal romance.
Succubus Blues

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