Book Review of ‘The Thousand Dollar Tan Line’

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell.

Veronica Mars is back – with a vengeance. This novel picks up exactly where the movie left off, a fact millions of fans will be pleased to hear.

Being back in Neptune is difficult for Veronica, she is looking after her injured father, dealing with his disappointment issues at her return, and trying to find a missing college girl. The last thing Veronica needs is her absentee mother back on the scene.

When Veronica is hired to track down the mounting list of missing girls, she delves deep into the shady underbelly of Neptune which throws up its usual cast of larger than life characters.

I am so pleased this series is continuing on with these books. They offer the same wit, snappiness, and snarkiness that all fans of the Veronica Mars franchise will squeal with delight over.

And, even if you aren’t a fan, it would still be difficult to not love the mystery and intrigue offered up in the story.

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