shine-not-burnShine Not Burn by Elle Casey


By Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell


Sensible lawyer Andie had a plan, one that she diligently followed for her entire life. Going to Vegas for a bachelorette party was not part of the plan. Neither was getting drunk and completely forgetting about marrying a cowboy she just met.

Flash forward two years and the forgotten marriage vows are coming back to haunt her. With her real wedding only two weeks out, she must track down the cowboy and file for a divorce. All without her sensible fiancée finding out.

Heading out into the countryside, it is a world away from her usual city life, but Andie has no choice. Finding her long lost husband, he refuses to give her the divorce she so desperately needs.

While trying to convince the cowboy to sign the papers so she can be far away from the rattle snakes, Andie cannot help but notice the undeniable chemistry between them.

Torn between her sensible life and the unpredictable one the cowboy offers, Andie questions her entire life plan. She has to work out if the rewards will outweigh the risk.

A fun romantic romp, Shine Not Burn is a story to immerse yourself in and get carried away. A vivid country setting, an irresistibly charming leading man, and bad decisions to make your own more palatable – what more could you want? Great for anyone who loves romance.

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