Book Review :Sterling

Sterling by Dannika Dark

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell

Zoe’s story begins with her startling and untimely death. Murdered in her prime, she thinks her life is over. Yet not long after, she finds herself awake in a body bag and takes off into the forest.

Rescued by the reclusive Adam, she transforms into another person – literally. Her appearance changes and Zoe discovers some new powers she never had before.

After a chance encounter with a strange man, Zoe discovers exactly what her new identity entails and stumbles into a world of rules, magic, and danger. Zoe is a Mage and learns she has to follow their orders or face another death.

As her fate is sent in an unwelcome direction, Zoe puts her faith in her new protectors and gets ready for the fight of her life.

An interesting concept, Sterling promised a paranormal world with a feisty leading character. Zoe did deliver with her take-no-prisoners attitude, and the rest of the cast were interesting in their own right.

If you enjoy a paranormal adventure which a tiny touch of romance, then you will enjoy Sterling. The first in a series, there is the promise of some more action and depth in the Mage world.

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