Book Review The Desperate Love Trilogy by Michelle Hazen

The Desperate Love Trilogy by Michelle Hazen

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell

I don’t normally review fan fiction, but I have made an exception for The Desperate Love Trilogy found in the new Kindle Worlds through Amazon.

For those unfamiliar with Kindle Worlds, Amazon have set worlds in which to write stories. Authors can then follow their guidelines in order to write what is essentially professional fan fiction. The worlds include Pretty Little Liars, Silo, and The Vampire Diaries (which is where Desperate Love is set).

The first book in this series, Desperate Love, was captivating from the beginning. Following the vampire brothers Demon and Stefan, Hazen begins at the start of season four and writes an alternative version of the show.

In this story, Elena is a new vampire who cannot deny her love for bad boy Damon. She chooses him and they quickly find themselves caught up in a war with vampire hunters, some of whom they can trust, others not so much.

Dealing with her choice of brothers, Elena and Damon’s relationship is tested as a witch’s curse is revealed and threatens to end everything they have worked so desperately for.

Over the trilogy, Hazen spins a web of intrigue, lies, trust, and admiration. The emotions are high and the love scenes are hot. Vampires have never been this good before.

What I truly loved about this series is how well Hazen embodied the characters. She was absolutely true to the television show, from the dialogue to the history to the minute idiosyncrasies. Not once did she compromise the characters for the story.

Even if you don’t watch The Vampire Diaries, the Desperate Love Trilogy can still be enjoyed. The story is exceptionally written with the most beautiful descriptions and dialogue you could ask for. Definitely a must read, you will not be sorry.

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