Book Review The Divergent Series

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Book Review by Hush Hush Biz Book Reviewer Jamie Campbell

The Divergent Series includes Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant.

Set in a world where there are five factions, each person must decide which one to join at the tender age of sixteen. Each faction is based on the quality they most admire. Dauntless value courage, Erudite value knowledge, Abnegation value selflessness, Amity value peace, and Candor value truthfulness.

Sixteen year old Tris leaves Abnegation to join Dauntless, throwing caution to the wind as she tests her limitations of bravery. Plunged into a chaotic world, she goes through the terrifying initiation process.

While falling for her trainer, Four, she faces the reality of Dauntless and the consequences of the faction system. Yet there is someone calling the shots in the entire town and it is not who they think it is. It is now more than important than ever that Tris hides the secret that could get her killed.

The Divergent series was absolutely brilliant. Once started, I could not finish reading until the final book was done with. It is an easy read and seamless in its execution.

The final book has a brave ending, one that I did not see coming and truly had my heart breaking. If you loved The Hunger Games, you will adore Divergent.

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  1. Rebecca on March 21, 2015

    You are right and it was a fantastic read for me as well. Even though I only read Divergent so far, your review is great and so is Veronica Roth. I look forward to the movies to this amazing series. Thumbs Up