Book Review :Until the End of Time by Danielle Steele

Until the End of Time by Danielle Steele

Book review by Nina Maria

Jenny is a rising-star stylist whose working schedule does not allow for anything else other than helping her clients and pursuing her passion in the fashion industry. Bill is a young lawyer whose heart is not in legal and wishing he can pursue his ‘calling’ as a minister instead of doing an office job. When their path crosses (twice!) in unexpected events, they know that they should not take the ‘coincidence’ lightly and should seize the opportunity to find out what lies in front of them.

Thirty-eight years later, there is Robert, a book publisher, and Lillibet, a devout Amish woman. They never meet each other, but somehow their ‘life-strings’ seem to be kept tugging and pulling each other, pushing them to take an action to change the course of their usual lives to have the life that they always meant to have. They are faced with a second opportunity to follow their hearts and fulfill the vow of love until the end of time that was not realised in their previous encounter, when their path crosses at a different time and place.

While the story line involves the expected such as dates, marriage, building a family, challenges in career and needing to face a disapproving family, this is unlike any typical romance novel. The expected elements of love story are presented with brilliant twists that are somewhat supernatural with a spiritual base, but may not be entirely fictional.

While the story line may sound simple, do not underestimate the message behind all of the events that unfold in each page. You won’t want to stop reading, but in the same time you would want to stop just because you want to think and ponder about the meaning of the events that just happen in the previous page…

For those who are after a surface, hot, smoldering romance this may not be the book you want to pick from the shelves. But for those who are looking for an an opportunity to see life from a different world and perspective with a full engagement of emotion and intellect while being entertained, then you would want to pick this book. One thing for sure, you would not finish the book without having some questions raised in your mind about what truly is important in life. [4/5]

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