Caroline Russo

BLOOMING Aurthor Marcus Riley

Getting Old is one thing everyone hates I feel and knowing that your time is nearly up!
Blooming is one book I read with quiet interest upon receiving it, and it was perfect time when I was not feeling too good as to virus and feeling the signs of getting “older” and could not put it down as author Marcus Riley, has put together some fine reference points to the fact that when mid life comes in we can still age in a positive way and also prepare for it. one aspect that this book is good for young readers to engage with.

With Marcus having had 20+ years experience in the ageing industry, Bloomimg is a positive guide that takes leaf out of older people who treat getting old and maintaining to do what they want to still contribute to be a elder.
Riley states …Ageing is one of humanity’s greatest triumphs, yet the perception of ‘getting older’ remains one of great negativity. Acceptance is the first aspect to and to work on what you can do to make the later years full of positive outcomes that give you happiness.

To me that made so much sense and as one does look at how they lived so far or ur last even seeing how our parents play out generation leaving us have seen a lot of good and bad and where ever they are in the ranks of life they have left as

In life we have little time really in reality as time sure goes fast and this is also a book that makes you think deeper and to get on with it. The world is sure getting faster and with the progress in how we are in digital world it is exciting to be here now to see the changes and challenges and no matter what age we must aspire to belong but for the mature ones keeping a eye on living more and not fearing is all on attitude and Blooming gives you some great tools to figure out more so and keep purpose check.

Good read and food for thought.

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