China Town Gold Coast Streetscape Plan

Gold Coast Chinatown is part of the broader plan to revitalise Southport as the Gold Coast CBD. Chinatown is forging ahead, with the streetscape construction commencing in November last year. The streetscape is expected to be complete mid 2014 with the cultural embellishments such as lanterns and customised street furniture adding the finishing touches which will make Gold Coast Chinatown truly unique.

The city is working in partnership with our Asian sister cities to design and donate the three Paifang, the symbolic gateways to the precinct.
Wealth Paifang – Davenport Street

Taipei has undertaken a design competition where they invited 5 international architects to come up with a design for the wealth gate.

Harvest Paifang – Young Street East

Beihai has designed a Han Gate for Young street.

Harmony Paifang – Young Street West

Mayor will visit China in March and will discuss this paifang with other possible partner cities.

Chinatown will be more than a vibrant new dining and retail destination. It will be a place for the Gold Coast to celebrate a calendar of cultural events, street performance, festivals and a regular street market. The city is working with property owners to attract the right businesses to the precinct and helping existing business to respond to changing retail needs and cultural considerations.

With Council now committing nearly $6million dollars into the project, Gold Coast Chinatown will bring an sense of home and community to the thousands of international tourists and students coming to the city every year. Chinatown is leading the revitalisation of Southport as the Gold Coast CBD and strengthening it as a place to do business, be entertained, to live and be educated.

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