Fear the Silence: When a rich, successful woman disappears everyone’s accusing eyes turn to her husband. But DI Henderson isn’t so sure…

The detective whose laconic nature belies a razor sharp ruthlessness, DI Henderson returns in Fear the Silence – the third book in author Iain Cameron’s popular detective series. This fast-paced crime thriller finds our Sussex-based police hero on the hunt for two individuals. One is a rich, successful businesswoman; the other is the reason ‘Kelly’ is no longer around.

When it comes to crime writing Iain Cameron has created a detective just as memorable as the fictional Rebus of his hero or the flawed police heroes of other leading crime writers. A character you can’t help liking and rooting for, Scot DI Henderson deserves a break. Will Cameron give it to him?

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DI Henderson’s focus right now is drug shipments – big ones with the gall to land on his patch at Shoreham Harbour. But it’s fine; he’s about to have those gangsters behind bars any day now.

Or at least he was. Now Kelly Langton has become the priority. The former glamour model and now smart local businesswoman has done a sinister disappearing act. The press are clamouring to know what’s happened to Sussex’s answer to Victoria Beckham. You can’t walk around town without seeing evidence of her brand thanks to that clothing, jewellery and perfume empire of hers.

The spotlight of blame lies firmly on her husband. A man who could do with brushing up on his interpersonal skills, Mr Brian Langton is the obvious candidate and the evidence seems to point that way too. DI Henderson thinks otherwise though – especially when a second woman disappears in what appears to be eerily similar circumstances.

Not only does he have to convince his superiors that they’ve got the wrong man, he’s only too conscious of the sands of time slipping through his fingers.

Fear the Silence is available on Amazon on July 1

About the Author

A lover of the crime thriller genre, this is Iain Cameron’s third novel in his detective series featuring DI Henderson, a series inspired after reading a book by Scots crime writer Ian Rankin. He hopes to go on and feature the Sussex-based detective in future books.

Formerly an accountant, management consultant and retailer, he now writes full time at his home in Horsham, West Sussex. The author was born and brought up in Scotland before moving to Brighton in his twenties and later marrying. He has two daughters.

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