Today the Hoodoo Gurus announced they have found a replacement for drummer Mark Kingsmill. After thirty years with the band, Mark recently announced his retirement and this morning lead singer and songwriter Dave Faulkner revealed on Facebook that Nik Rieth will be the new stickman for the legendary Aussie rockers.

Faulkner stated that Nik “slotted in comfortably with us immediately. Whether there is something in his style that is similar to Mark I can’t really say. It’s just that we felt most naturally like ourselves when Nik played.”

Nik Rieth comes with quite a rock pedigree already. He started out with The Celibate Rifles in the early ’90s before later going on to Tumbleweed and The New Christs, among others. Recently Nik has been playing with Radio Birdman and will be going on one more tour with them to Europe in June. His first gig with the Gurus is expected to be in August.

This week it was also announced that the Gurus will be playing their final concert with Mark Kingsmill as part of Sydney’s celebrated Vivid Festival. On May 23rd the band will be presenting “Be My Guru: The Evolution Revolution, A Sound And Light Spectacular”, featuring all past and current members of the Hoodoo Gurus.

Starting with their first line-up, the band will evolve through their performing history live on stage, with each incarnation of the band playing the songs they made famous. The finale will feature all eight musicians jamming together on the band’s first single ‘Leilani’. This unique concert by the Aussie musical institution is being held inside The Powerhouse Museum, which is itself a unique institution and tickets are selling fast.

Be My Guru: The Evolution Revolution tickets and information: tickets.theticketgroup.com.au

Hoodoo Gurus Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hoodoogurus/

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