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Bobby Galinsky Masterclass August 4th 2013 Marriott Hotel Gold Coast.



 Why entertainment industry actors, writers, directors, producers and industry aspirants and veterans need a path and a guide

I believe in the adage that through practicing your art you unleash your mind, and through sharing your art with others your free your soul through love.

The process of acting, like writing, directing and other facets of the entertainment industry, is one that has the magical aspect of getting better and more improved each and every time we go into that world.   Every moment spent practicing your craft and/or art should be as a kanzai practitioner… that is :

That kanzai is the measurable method of consistent and constant improvement each and every day at the conclusion of our day through assessment and reflection.

But in a world of demanding schedules, mortgages, rent, car payments, and gargantuan costs-of-living, coupled with the demand placed on ourselves to constantly improve our craft, is it possible to live a full and beautiful and satisfying life and build a career in our chosen field?

An elite athlete has a variable but relatively finite amount of time for him or her to achieve greatness on the field.  The recent London Olympics are a perfect example of a bellwether of successes to come or a harbinger of doom and conclusion to many athletic careers.

An “A-list” actor, actress, world-class writer, highly sought-after director, or successful producer may not only enjoy their craft into their 70’s and 80’s but actually thrive and reach new peaks with every advancing month and year.

But they can’t realize greatness working three jobs or spending the majority of their time in jobs that are not harmonious with their dreams and goals.

It’s you I’m talking about…yes… you!

There are secrets, rules, logic and sciences that can be combined to ensure that by simply following these proven methods, you can not only find synchronous income that will support your chosen career, but in turn can be utilized to turbocharge and advance your career such that you have the ability to self-generate income and work in your field and be independent in a fraction of the time it would take using the systems (or lack of…) that you are currently using.

Do you want to spend the next five years, ten years, or rest of your life auditioning and the mercy of others? TWC red


ü  Do you want to spend those same years waiting for people to ‘get back to you’ about your projects and scripts and ideas?

Do you feel that you make choices out of necessity and fear rather than moving towards success and advancement in your career?

Do you feel that you are subordinate or inferior to those around you either by virtue of their looks, talent, income, or connections—and thus your dream of an acting or professional film and TV career is disappearing like melting snow after a long an hard winter?

Robert Lewis “Bobby” Galinsky is a veteran writer/producer/lecturer and success coach specializing in film and television candidates.   With over 35 years in the business in Hollywood and Australia, he has steered and guided actors, actresses, writers, directors, and producers to successful career paths ranging from rank beginners to veterans.  His fantastic successes as well as his explosive crashes provide the proof-is-in-the-pudding guidelines to what actually works vs. what is myth.  He is the writer/producer of the Simon West-helmed DUST AND GLORY ( commencing later this year, as well as the writer/producer of TWO WORLDS COLLIDING: The Michael Hutchence Story that is in development.   He has presented to actors, writers, directors, producers, and companies ranging from The Walt Disney Company (USA and Australia) as well as Fox Studios Australia, Fischer-Price Group, and thousands of attendees of seminars in six countries.

Bobby has coming to the Gold Coast to present his one-day intensive MasterClass & Workshop, for an exclusive limited group on SUNDAY 4 AUGUST.  It will be an electric and life and career-shaping 9++ hours of sharing ways that you can become a financial success in your chosen career and determine and shape your own destiny.

He will also share the methods and secrets and road maps to financial and commercial as well as spiritual satisfaction in the entertainment industry success that will be unveiled at the Gold Coast’s First Commercial Success Master Class :

Bringing Hollywood to the Gold Coast:                                                    

Why you can and will be a successful player NOW

This will take place on Sunday 4th August from 9am – 6pm




Payments and Bookings inquiries to Caroline Russo 0409451180  [email protected]    Book now to get the earlier birds till July 1st $295.00  or  $350.00 . 

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