Hush Hush Biz Talks to Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson
Hush Hush Biz had a great conversation to a young lady that started at 12 years of age, and won Australia Got Talent in 2007! Bonnie Anderson is nearly grown up and now at 19 years we see her in her latest new clip BLACKOUT! Not only does she look “HOT” but this is a great new pop song, and new look for her. It was written in LA and with the fact of when your thinking of when you first meet someone and that moment when you alone with that person, and it raw passion and you have that blackout feeling says Bonnie was how we got to collaborate on writing this with my co – writers. The whole experience of recording the single, and doing the clip has been amazing and it took 2 days to film the clip. which took on a lot of different per-sonar for me, and we had a lot of fun with it.

Bonnie loves writing and says that having a tight management team helps so much, and this alone is great for her age as she gets to learn every day new ways of creative expression,and the traveling which I just love doing. The time I have spent now in LA and New York has been again amazing and hope to maybe live there one day.

The fact of Touring is something I am waiting on and management is looking at locking in some dates I hope soon. Live performance and recording in great locations is what I Live for and therefor I like to see that just get bigger in my years to come… and with writing it changes all the time but its a what I grown to do more.

Bonnie comments on the fact of also having come from a musical family is what made this good for her and attracted her to be in the industry. I had a uncle who was a famous boxer “Lionel Rose”. who sang and released a single many years ago. He was pretty special and a great influence for me, but my mum is one I am very close with, and so look up to her, when she can she tries to travel with me. I so lucky to have a strong family unit, and we all like to keep tight and that is a great support for me too.

For Bonnie new single go to ITUNES. BLACKOUT IS OUT NOW!

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