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Product Review BakBalls.

For one week now I have trailed this and must say as one who does experience back pain on a regular basis I was rather impressed as to the fact that it is light to take with you even if you travel. It does work well, and found even on the wall of your home is a good factor too to place the balls along the spine position and then place then in the area where needed.
Recommended to use flat on floors and back of office chairs and firm bed.
It is a great price too and maybe could save you lots in the long term. $29.95. Check out the website and currant affair coverage for more info as it give you a good look at how it works.

Hush Hush loves it.


How to relieve back pain
Back pain relief has a number of critical elements:

health professional advice;
education about pain physiology and posture;
stretching – this is where BakBalls come in;
stability and strengthening exercises; and
staged return to normal exercise.

Health Professional Advice
Health professionals, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors are perfectly positioned to diagnose the ‘problem’ and provide optimal management of your condition by addressing the causes of your back pain. They will also educate you about ‘pain physiology’ and importance of maintaining ideal posture. Your treating practitioner can prescribe a spinal care program of stretches, strengthening exercises and a conditioning program to relieve pain. To find your local physiotherapist, click here to visit the Australian Physiotherapy Association website. To obtain accurate and comprehensive injury advice from qualified expert physiotherapists online, please click here or on the physios-online logo.

Bad Backs website – Bad Backs are the company who arranged for the product to come through to you.

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