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La Movie Market gives Local project thumbs up.
Hush Hush Biz has just got word that two dynamic Australian women who are in LA right now at the AFM, who have formed a company are on a pitching high as to one project getting a lot of interest. A Dramatic love story with a wartime setting, in Australia in 1942 where already there is talk on two A Profile actors to attach to the project and US funding and with more talks happening as we speak. We look forward to sharing more updates.

BIFF Who Not Coming Now to the Film Festival Opening!

After announcements that US singer Stevie Nicks would be appearing for a QA for one of her films “In Your Dreams” it is sad to say that she will now not be attending due to John McVie Fleetwood Mack drummer has been diagnosed with Cancer and very sorry to hear of this and wish him well. It was heard that Stevie was still asked to attend but as to a requested appearance fee this could not be possible and will be on screen to rely a message to introduce the film.
News at hand now Linda Blair is no longer able to make her trip to Brisbane to attend the ‘Monster Fest and Warner Bros presents’ 40th Anniversary screening of The Exorcist this Friday 15 November, as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival. Linda recently had to undergo surgery and has had complications with her recovery that prevent her from making the flight to Australia in time to attend the Brisbane leg of her tour on Friday 15 November.”

Our Aussie actress Nicole Kidman is also someone else that got a invite to attend the opening of BIFF but again due to fact that she wanted to have a private jet collect her to attend the opening night of her film “The Railway Man”, put that one out of the ball park.

Debbra Lee Furness in Town at the Gold Coast

This coming Friday will be the Women in Chicks Breakfast and all eyes will the on one of the most envy women in the world, Debra Lee Furness who is there to talk on many counts on what she stands for in children adaption. SHe is a great leader of this and for anyone wishing to purchase tickets please go to this link

Wolf Creek Two Keeps getting Great Interest.

John Jarrett character of killer Mick Taylor, is one actor that is grinning well as to his International hit film and his new release Wolf Creek Two as Image Entertainment has picked up US rights to writer-director Greg Mclean’s horror/thriller for Wolf Creek 2.
The sequel, which Roadshow will release on February 20, got mostly glowing reviews at the world premiere in the Venice Film Festival. John will be in town this week and we look forward to hearing more on his other film he is working on now days too.

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