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Rise of the Underdog –

Nurse come prisoner come film maker! The Aussie Underdog at its BEST
It’s a cocktail for a great story – young nurse in his early 20s hits the town, meets a girl who he has a one night stand with resulting in a rape and drink spiking charge. He’s wrongly accused but still serves nearly two years in maximum security prison.
Inspired by the sequence of events, Gold Coast filmmaker, Mack Lindon, turned it into a pitch trailer,‘Rise of the Underdog’, which took out the gong for ‘Best Trailer’ category at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, in LA in 2013.
He then rallied together more than 300 people including cast, crew and actors to develop the pitch trailer into feature film, ‘RISE’, that will be launched 21 October 2014 at the Palace Cinema Como. The film follows real life events, which is told through the character of a young nurse, Will McIntyre. “In the beginning, apart from a handful of people, few people knew that the story wasn’t just written by me, it actually happened to me,” Mack explains.
At 25, Mack’s freedom and career was taken from him after a one night stand led to a charge of rape and drink spiking. Following a trial he was found guilty – landing him in a maximum security prison, which he had to endure while fighting to prove his innocence.
“The trial wasn’t just and I couldn’t prove it was consensual. Despite this, the idea to turn it into a film started while I was in my prison cell in 2008. While in jail, I sent Rob Sitch a letter explaining I wanted to turn my story into a film, but I didn’t know how. He actually replied, explaining what I should do. I was yet to prove my innocence, but I knew I wanted share my story through film once I was freed.”

After a retrial in 2011, Mack was able to clear his name and put his days in prison behind him. Driven to share his story through film, he used Rob’s advice and created a storyboard and outline he would use to pitch to investors and actors.
“I approached Martin Sacks’ agent who replied saying Martin wanted to meet me in person. After a few hours in a cafe, Marty was keen to get involved – he would play Jimmy Cove, an inmate I met in prison. I was pretty encouraged,” Mack says.
For Martin, he “immediately” liked Mack.
“I met Mack and immediately liked him. He told me his story and I thought it would make a really engaging film. I was also delighted to be asked to play Jimmy Cove,” Martin explains. He continues: “I felt strongly about Mack and his passion to tell his story. I’ve worked on a few projects where it is the writer/director’s first foray into the business and I’ve found it to be incredibly collaborative – as it was with ‘RISE’ – everyone mucking in to tell the best possible story.”
Responsible for writing, producing and directing ‘RISE’, Mack says the story isn’t about the accuser. “It’s about encouraging people to carry on against all odds. It’s about the injustice that a legal system can find you guilty, then years later not guilty and not be compensated”
“I’ve turned something bad into a blessing, it has allowed me to define my character and I’ve been able to make a film people can be inspired by. Forgiveness is the key to moving forward.”
With no formal qualifications in film or acting, Mack let his passion forge his path in the industry. He’s self-taught and working in the industry he’s learnt that dealing with all types of personalities is the key and to persevere” Mack laughs.
“Ken Duncan official photographer for Mel Gibson’s The Passion told me, “Mack passion brings dream alive”. In 2010, he and wife Emma launched Vision Films Australia. The duo have since created an impressive portfolio of music videos, television series, TV commercials and now a feature film.

“The people who worked on ‘RISE’ shared the passion of bringing the story to life. People that had that ‘X factor’ and who really wanted to do something that wasn’t all for themselves.
“We planned to shoot in eight weeks, but had to shoot it in five. A lot of what we did was very much outside conventional methods. From makeshift lighting, to crowd funding and offering angel investors percentages of the return. The film cost approximately $356,000 including deferred payments but we have been told it’s well and truly at industry standard, with one distributor suggesting it was made for a few million – I think people will be inspired on many levels,” Mack says. What’s next for Mack and his team? “We are working on something that’s a little different. We’re developing a big budget love story. Set in Australia in the near future.”

Rise stars from left Andy Sparnon (Benji), Jackson O’Sullivan (Sam), Martin Sacks (Jimmy Cove) & Nathan Wilson (Will)

Rise stars from left Andy Sparnon (Benji), Jackson O’Sullivan
(Sam), Martin Sacks (Jimmy Cove) & Nathan Wilson (Will)

Lead Stars Nathan Wilson (left) with Martin Sacks (right)& who the story is based, writer/director Mack Lindon.

Lead Stars Nathan Wilson (left) with Martin Sacks (right)& who
the story is based, writer/director Mack Lindon.

Watch the trailers at:
Vision Films Australia: Official movie website:

Melbourne – October 21st Palace Cinema Como, Chapel St PRAHAN
Brisbane – November 4th Palace Cinema Barracks, Petrie Tce, BRISBANE
Sydney – October 28th Palace Cinema Verona, Oxford St, PADDINGTON

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  1. michael pace on July 29, 2015

    Just saw rise gotta say its a well told story about what happen to a young man on worst night of his life.Jimmy cove character is great. I hace been to prison myself i couldnt tell if jimmy’s character was want to. Hert or help will but in the end jimmy just saw a son he always wanted and someone that believed in him great movie