Leonardo DiCaprio and Veronica Grey Receive Special Humanitarian Award

International Movie Awards 2015 Honors Leonardo DiCaprio and Veronica Grey with Special Humanitarian Award.

(Jakarta, 4/9/15) “Worst Shark Attack Ever” directed by Veronica Grey received Gold status at the International Movie Awards 2015 which was conducted by The Indonesian Council of Creative People (Dewan Kreatif Rakyat). “Worst Shark Attack Ever” stars Leonardo DiCaprio, The Cure, and MGMT with a brief cameo by superstar surfer John John Florence. It is produced by Alexandria Altman.

Two Hollywood stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Veronica Grey were awarded with Special Humanitarian awards at this year festival. According to Damien Dematra, one of the jury, the event was attended by filmmakers from 10 countries and all of the winners has shown excellent standards in cinema making. World Film Council, Film Festival Alliance, Russian Culture, iHebat International Volunteers, and Indonesia Without Discrimination Foundation has fully support the Award Ceremony.

The award was presented by Dr. Jallaludin Rahmat, a parliament member and a moviemaker himself. According to him the International Movie Awards was established to support independent filmmakers and talent to get international recognition and exposure.
“Worst Shark Attack Ever” is a brand new short (21 minute) environmental documentary with an introduction by Leonardo DiCaprio and cameos by The Cure, MGMT, and superstar surfer John John Florence which explores the horrific carnage humans inflict upon sharks, called shark finning. We cruelly slaughter 100,000,000 sharks a year or 190 sharks a minute or 3 sharks every second.

By the time you are finished reading this press release, 144 sharks may have been killed and the ocean has been raped further.

At this rate, sharks could go extinct within this coming decade, and this would set off an ecological chain of events from which humans might not survive. A planet without its ocean’s apex predator is doomed. What, if anything, can be done to detour from this cataclysmic trajectory? This is a critical issue that affects everyone regardless how close you are to the ocean, although at least 60% of the world’s population lives “near the sea.” All are welcome to view it http://www.WorstSharkAttackEver.com

Award winning director Veronica Grey is the world’s most televised lifestyle surfer and #1 bestselling author.

Producer Alexandria Altman is also a #1 best selling international author, and a film Producer. She has one of the hottest Film Properties in Hollywood in development in which Veronica Grey is tapped for all four series, as “The Oracle.” The two worked together many years ago and now have partnered back up.
Alexandria is the Director of The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. as of Jan. 2011. The down-to-earth star has spent most of her life working in the exciting forefront of the international entertainment industry. She combines her talents to open doors to help our children and people of all walks of life with her involvement in philanthropy.

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  1. Hay Zeus on April 13, 2015

    We also enjoyed the cameos by superstar surfer John John Florence and MGMT in “Worst Shark Attack Ever.”

    So cool to see it FREE on YouTube

  2. SpiritFriend on April 13, 2015

    Congratulations to you all….. What a team, fantastic work. much Love To You All x