Since its humble beginnings, the Woodford Folk Festival has held true to the belief of presenting a programme for children that they can jump into, roll around in, drink, breathe in and be covered with. It’s no different this year, with plenty to offer the little ones.

Woodford’s Children’s Festival is an inspiring place for the kids, where they can have fun, learn something new and enjoy giving and receiving in equal measure. Workshops, performances, arts and crafts, and most importantly – play – are at Woodford for the taking.

See the wonder in their eyes as they visit Big Paint, Woodford’s craft workshop hub. Some things on offer include costume creating, candle decorating, monster pillow making, festival bag designing, screen printing and learning the art of traditional sand mandalas, just to name a few. The Fairy Queen, Woodford Wizzelworts and Shimmy Shakers will all be there to help the kids create a precious festival memento.

Also at the Children’s Festival is the Circus Lair, with plate-spinning, diablos, acro-balancing, tightropes and plenty more to watch and learn. On the Festival Streets, you and your kids might come across Global Playground, where Dan, Cassie and Karen teach schoolyard games from places like Argentina, the Philippines and Japan.

There’s plenty more to be learnt at Woodford, with Green Hands – an environmental art group, Dr Jean-Marc Hero – an amphibian conservationist, and Auslan Eternity – a group of Deaf creatives leading interactive workshops. On top of all this the kids will find an array of dancers, singers, puppeteers, beat boxers, artists and musicians to inspire and entertain them to their heart’s content.

The Woodford Folk Festival also offers a child minding service at The Land of Nod. This service will be available every day of the festival from the 27th of December to the 1st of January from 10am til 12 midnight, except on New Year’s Eve when facilities will stay open until 1am- fees apply.

Many of the festival children are now the young adults of the world and adopt, in part, those values and experiences that were part of their growing up. Again, Woodford Folk Festival welcomes children to turn the key and enter a wondrous world of imagination and play.



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