(From Left: Teegan Deck, Caroline Russo , Gregory McQualter, Craig Kocinski, Marina Wilson)


What a buzz it was to welcome back ex Gold Coast ad man, Gregory McQualter,  to his roots from LA where he is now a high profile producer/director with 700 write-ups about him on Google after the release of his directorial debut in an action flick BLOOD MONEY with the look and feel of a real deal Hollywood blockbuster.

It was “blood money” for Greg too, in another sense, that after all the trials and tribulations, blood sweat and tears his product has finally seen the light of day and is a success.  The slickly packaged Blu Ray/DVD combo attracted US$400,000 in sales in the US alone and after release for 3 weeks alone.  Its release in Australia scheduled for the 12 December 2012 is expected be a gratifying encore.

(From Left:  Gregory McQualter,Raymond Chan, Marina Wilson,  Craig Kocinski)

When Greg decided to come home for a bit of R & R I snapped up the opportunity to have him get together with local film investment guy, Raymond Chan. Not only did Raymond jumped at the opportunity to sus out Greg’s next offering but he also flew his lawyer sister, Marina Wilson, up from Sydney to join the meet-and-greet just in case a deal materialises for Greg’s eagerly awaited next project.

The welcome party was also joined by the always amiable ex-pat American producer, Craig Kocinski, who now calls the Gold Coast home but, of course, still attends the must-do American Film Markets in November each year back in his country of origin and maintains  extensive contacts in Hollywood.

Greg was taken on a stroll through the new tree lined “Surfers Paradise Boulevard” (our answer to Hollywood’s “Sunset Boulevard”) and along beachside Elkhorn Avenue (our answer to Hollywood’s “Rodeo Drive”).  But our visitor was stunned by how the skyline has changed so much in just a matter of 5 years since he was here.

After a sumptuous banquet at the Sharks Fin Restaurant in Surfers’ CBD we got into our limo and, while watching the knock-out trailer for Greg’s movie, was chauffeured to Palazzo Versace where we were graciously greeted at the front entrance by the ritzy resort’s Events Sales Executive, Teegan Deck, who escorted us to our table with the Reserved sign for dessert, coffee and cocktails and where she also contributed the pleasure of her charming company.

It was a delightful evening for all but we were still anticipating a briefing on Greg’s next project which remained very much “hush hush biz” by the end of the evening.

Meanwhile those wanting to do deals with Greg should join the queue and I will pass on the info when Greg is good and ready.  After all, that is the raison d’être of my film network functions and it is my job to create the catalyst for you guys to do deals and, along the way, have some fun doing it as well.

Good on ya, Greg!   Hope BLOOD MONEY is going to be a smash hit everywhere but don’t forget to tell them in your interviews on talk shows on your trail where you came from, the best city in the whole wide world!


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