Mantra: Chilling New Paranormal Suspense Novel

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Mantra: Chilling New Paranormal Suspense Novel Morphs Greedy Dreams into Dark, Potentially Deadly Reality

Weaved together by M. Shams, ‘Mantra’ turns greed and destiny on their heads as a money-hungry housewife accepts a gold box and mantra from a strange woman in the park. She thinks it will shower her with the status and riches she deserves – only to find that it actually exists to rip her life and family apart. This is one intense adventure critics have hailed a “wickedly delightful read”.

United Kingdom – There’s no denying that everyone has dreams, and everyone has desires. However, in an intricate and suspense-laden new novel from M. Shams, one woman quickly discovers what happens when her desires turn into an obsession, and that obsession turns against her.

‘Mantra’ will force readers to question the possible realities of their own dreams. It’s a vivid, haunting reminder that the grass may not be greener, but covered in thick blood.


Mantra is a Paranormal Suspense Thriller set in rural London and Dartmoor in Devon. Whilst dabbling in a spot of black magic Denise – a dizzy housewife stumbles across the harrowing truth about her husband Pete’s true nature and the deadly secret he has kept hidden for eighteen years. As magic clashes with reality Karma is turned on its head as Denise unwittingly seals a deal with her destiny. An insanely jealous and greedy housewife – Denise is furious when her husband Pete is turned down for a promotion she desperately wanted for him. Taking matters into her own hands to get rich quick she accepts a gold box and a mantra from a strange woman she meets in the park who swears her to secrecy and promises her that her wishes will come true if she agrees to become her ‘exchange partner’. As her wishes suddenly start to materialize before her eyes Denise cannot understand why Pete suddenly starts to become increasingly unwell as a foul stench only he can smell pervades the house. As a shadowy figure starts to materialize to only him he realizes that his past has come back to haunt him – with a vengeance.

“To a degree, we are all selfish, and it’s unhealthy. In this novel, I explore what happens when our unhealthy habits start to tear us apart from the inside out,” explains the author. “It’s an edge-of-the-seat read for anyone into fantasy, magic and the dark arts. But it will also appeal to the general audience.”

Continuing, “I studied clinical psychology and therefore have a passionate interest in human behaviour. So, to some degree, this narrative is underpinned by a relative degree of fact. Okay, mysterious women are not handing us all boxes in the park – but we’re all undeniably guilty of letting our greed and obsessions work against us and our family. I hope readers learn something from Denise and her journey.”

Critics have praised the book highly. For example, one reviewer commented, “A wickedly delightful read for lovers of suspense thrillers, Mehtab’s new book MANTRA takes us on a paranormal roller coaster journey to reveal the humbling lessons learned when friendships and relationships are discarded in exchange for material wealth, and the consequences when desire turns into an obsession”.

‘Mantra’ is available now:

About the Author:

Mehtab is a freelance writer and lives in Greater Manchester. She studied Clinical Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and co-authored her dissertation on Hypomania which was published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. A keen observer of human behaviour she completed her Post Graduate in Human Resource Management. Her education in the Social Sciences has provided her with valuable insights into the human mind. She is the founder of and provides freelance writing services online. She is also convinced there is a writer in everyone and helps budding authors to get a book out there. She uses her own experience through the self publishing route to help and inspire people by offering advice and digital solutions such as ebook design and paperback design.

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