Mayor Pisasale Set to Officially Open OZ Market and Taste Food Blindfolded

Mayor Pisasale Set to Officially Open OZ Market and Taste Food Blindfolded!

The OZ Night Markets are all the buzz since the opening launch on 26th April. Each Saturday night at 6 pm families and friends will be able to get out of their homes, off their couches and enjoy the market festivities.
The manager of the Oz Markets, Edmond Wong feeling quite happy with the feedback he is getting so far said “It is great to have a market on a Saturday night and to see it all coming together.”
Having overseen other markets in the past, Mr Wong searched for the perfect location in Ipswich where families could celebrate together in an atmosphere of fun, food and entertainment while remaining undercover. The Booval Fair Shopping Centre is just the ticket!
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The markets will be officially launched on the 17th May by the Mayor Paul Pisasale. He will be joining in the festivities by blindtasting food at 6.15 pm alongside Craig Moffatt the centre manager of Booval Shopping Centre. . The winner will select a charity of choice to give the $200.00 to. This will be donated by the OZ Markets along with prize from the Booval Fair Centre.
Entry is $1.

Find out more about the great Oz Night Market:
Photo Credit Mirri Jennings.

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