Men Can Wear Dresses Too: An autobiographical, controversial and fascinating expose of heterosexual male to female cross dressing.

Honest, provocative, enlightening and more…. Catie Maye’s novel is not simply her personal story of what it’s like to be a man who enjoys dressing in female clothing. It’s also an analysis and expose of transgender trends and Britain’s reaction to them over the past 40 years. Backed up by thorough research and statistical data, Men Can Wear Dresses Too aims to challenge and dispel many of the social beliefs and myths surrounding the issue of transvestism. Catie Maye is a brilliant narrator – funny and warm and who never shies away from the truth, however unpalatable or baffling some readers may find it. Dare to be different? Then take a leaf out of Catie’s book.

The author had a secret that he kept hidden from his wife and childhood sweetheart Carole, for more than quarter of a century – the fact that he enjoyed going out dressed up as a woman. The book is filled with colourful characters such as the tempestuous and sexually liberated mistress Tamarah and in exotic locations – Paris, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. But it’s more than simply an autobiography and personal account. Catie has completed an enormous amount of meticulous research to give the reader a summary of how transgender issues have been viewed over the past four to five decades. It’s improving, but not quickly enough, she says (while giving us the evidence to prove it).

Certainly, sculptor Grayson Perry has brought male to female cross dressing to the public eye and made it more acceptable in today’s society. Catie’s book is primed to be the next step towards further liberation for a subject that has surely been buried for too long.

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The book outlines the apparently ‘ordinary’ life of Catie Maye, a journey through marriage, a childtraversing the world from the South of England to more exotic locations abroad, Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam included.

As a young boy, aged nine, Catie gave in to his impulses and dressed up in his sister’s clothes. He loved how it made him feel and was keen to repeat the exercise – despite being seen by his mother. Ever vigilant she monitored him for further deviation from ‘normal’ boy behaviour and which only added to Catie’s guilt about the incident. It was to remain a secret between only him and his mother. The pleasure of dressing in female clothing however never left him. His cross dressing activities led to his meeting a number of colourful characters, many of whom make an appearance in this book.

Men Can Wear Dresses Too is a funny and sad personal account of how cross dressing has affected one individual. It also takes a serious and factual look at issues surrounding the subject. In doing so it hopes to make cross dressing more public – and acceptable – to the population at large. The author considers and explains growth sectors within the transgender field such as ‘dual gender,’ ‘gender paradox’ and ‘gender confusion.’ More poignantly, the book investigates the inevitable negativity cross dressing engenders – addiction, guilt, loneliness and dishonesty.

Catie said: “This book represents not just my personal journey but one taken by everyone who in some way does not conform to the society‚Äôs definition of ‘normal.’ For too long the truth surrounding cross dressing has been hidden away – buried in closets with the dresses themselves. Now is the time for recognition, acceptance and an understanding of this issue. I want this book to be the first step towards that.”

Men Can Wear Dresses Too is available now on Amazon

About the author

Catie Maye is a male to female cross dresser. ‘She’ was born in South London in 1960 and has a sister. She is a writer and is currently studying for a BA in History. When she has time she enjoys ‘adventure’ travel. She is happily settled in a loving and supportive relationship with current partner Nicky in Buckinhamshire.

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