4. Bangarra-Blak-Hunter Lochard-Page-Beau Dean Riley Smith-Daniel Riley McKinley-Photo Greg Barrett

On Centre Stage with Douglas Kennedy ….Paint it Blak




Bangarra Dance Theatre’s latest work, Blak, came to Brisbane this week

and wooed a capacity audience at the Queensland Performing Art

Centre’s Playhouse Theatre.

5. Bangarra-Blak-Waangenga Blanco-Deborah Brown-Tara Gower-photo-Greg BarrettThe 70-minute production, which is played out in three dark scenes,

combines the musical talents of composers David Page and Paul Mac

with the choreography of Daniel Riley McKinley and artistic director

Stephen Page.14. Bangarra-Blak-Leonard Mickelo-Photo Greg Barrett

John Kotzas and Stephen Page

John Kotzas and Stephen Page

The production’s wow factor came into play in the final 20 minutes of

the show when the work of the company’s 14 dancers fused

magnificently with the music and a stunning series of visual effects

against a towering rock formation.

The New South Wales based company, which has a national and

International following, has close links to Brisbane as the Page brothers

– David and Stephen – originally came from the Queensland capital.

Stephen Page has been the driving force behind the company since

1991 and today it stages more than 110 performances a year

melding contemporary artistic expression with traditional cultural



The dancers of Bangara.

The dancers of Bangara.

Brisbane now has a reputation for its work in the area of Aboriginal

and Torres Strait performance art through institutions such as the

Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) and training establishments such

as the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA).

ACPA takes students from regional and remote areas (32 per cent),

South-east Queensland (44 percent) and interstate (24 percent) and

gives then a well-rounded education in performance art.

Meanwhile, QTC’s artistic director, Murri man Wesley Enoch, has a

strong commitment to giving indigenous talent a theatrical voice in the

Queensland community.

Wesley Enoch and Douglas Kennedy

Wesley Enoch and Douglas Kennedy


Deborah Brown and Minster of Arts Ian Walker

Deborah Brown and Minster of Arts Ian Walker









Enoch is the first indigenous person to achieve the status of a state

Company artistic director.

Bangarra’s Blak will be at the Playhouse theatre until July 27.

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