On Centre Stage: Yet Another Big Bang Theory

On Centre stage
Douglas Kennedy

Yet another Big Bang Theory

Chitty Chitty isn’t the only bang bang making a big noise in Brisbane as we head into the Christmas season.
The Brisbane Powerhouse’s artist-in-residence, Topology, is back with a five-season show co-starring rhythmic drum-kit soloist, Grant Collins, and Queensland tap dance tornado Bill Simpson.
Three: Tap into Topology will introduce new original compositions for drums, tap and Topology’s saxophone, strings and piano.
Collins, who uses his arms and legs (separately and together) to produce ‘multi-timbral sound scapes’ promises to push the team to what he calls, ‘the edge of rhythmic possibilities,’ working outside the conventional.
His pulsating assault is performed on a one-of-a-kind $75,000 drum kit which features 26 drums, 34 cymbals and 18 foot pedals. The musician’s team takes more than two hours to assemble the set.
Meanwhile, Simpson offers dance on the edge with routines which create their own space using his body and resounding shoes.
Topology, the group which has been working in collaborations for the past 16 years, has done shows with Geoffrey Rush, Kate Miller-Heidke, Katie Noonan, the Kranksy Sisters, TaikOz, the Queensland Ballet, Gerry Connolly and William Barton.
Three: Tap into Topology plays five shows at the Brisbane Powerhouse from December 11-13.

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