Caroline Russo founder of the online Entertainment news Magazine  hosted a invite only party in Brisbane to 300 or more  guests to welcome more events parties and work in her new brand look . The evenings  MC was actor comedian Film Maker  Reece Madam who treated us to one of his filming characters “Miss  LInda”, and it was official opened by Councillor Vicky Howard. Other entertainment that was  enjoyed on the night featuring the incredible dance crews “Sarah Jane Jones” from Wild Child Studios, and “2 Fresh”, and “Swagamama” who are likely to go the distance in channel Nine talent  show “Australia Got Talent“.   There performance towards the end of the night was outstanding and very much applauded by all other dance crews there and guests . Singing Live was the stunning singer/ writer  Lauren Napier, and  emerging singer James Waters.  Caroline would like to thank everyone that come along and made the night just one memorable night and we hope that now we can bring lots of wonderful events hosted by  Hush Hush Biz and add a lot more  VIP’s to our members card where we can  create a lot of  upcoming  cross promotion and parties. There will be more announcements as we structure more changes ahead. Thanks to all the photographs crews and production crew Steven Caldwell, Craig Ingham World Wide Promotions, Photo Booth, Stefan, Black and White Cabs, Sony Music,  633, Tengdahl, Sarah Jones, Palace Cinemas, Wild Child Studios, Rachel Ford Studios, Swagamama, 2 Fresh, who were  our sponsors  on the night.   Credit  and special thanks Sebastian Coke and Lee Hutton Mirrie Jenkins for all the wonderful photos that are credited to them.  To be part of our VIP Club Members Card and want to know more on what we can do for you or when we have our next events send us your details to [email protected]

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