Galinsky to mentor Gold Coast filmmakers

Interview by Melissa Szalai

“This above all: to thine own self be true” – William Shakespeare.

These age-old pearls of wisdom are at the heart of the message veteran screenwriter, producer and lecturer Robert (Bobby) Galinsky will bring to the Gold Coast film and television community when he presents his highly anticipated one-day Masterclass/Workshop at the Marriott Surfers Paradise.

On August 4th, Bobby will share a wealth of valuable professional experience and advice to provide insight to a limited number of actors, directors and producers who want to live their dream.

The executive producer and writer of the upcoming feature film project Dust and Glory and EP of Michael Hutchence: Two Worlds Collide, Bobby says his Workshop has a universal message that has great significance for South East Queensland and the area’s vibrant cachet of actors, directors and producers.

“A lot of film industry people think they have to go to Sydney, New York or Los Angeles to work,” says Bobby.

“However, everything is right here on the Gold Coast for them to work and get paid.”

“The Gold Coast has so much potential!”

“I can show filmmakers the secrets, rules, logic and sciences that can be combined to ensure that simply by following proven methods, they cannot only find synchronous income that will support their chosen careers, but in turn can be utilised to turbocharge and advance them, and self-generate income and work in their field – becoming independent in a fraction of the time it would take using the systems, or lack of them, they are currently using.”Bobby Galinsky

Bobby is an advocate of making the most of opportunities that others often miss. He speaks of the change in consumer behaviour due to the Global Financial Crisis.

With less people going on holiday or overseas they seek alternative entertainment options that save them money.

“Many people have been spending more time at home in front of their widescreen TVs watching their blu ray DVD’s – feature films and popular TV series,” says Bobby.

“Private investors see the value in this sector and are jumping in.”

This reflects a key element in the tried and true methods Bobby shares in his Masterclass – “ there is no reward without risk”.

Bobby is adamant that if you can see the benefit of a project then it is worth pursuing.

“A lot of people are blind,” he says. “Pay it forward – take the risk and unlock your potential, your talent and earn money doing what you enjoy.”

American-born Bobby speaks from experience. He won several screenwriting awards in the US as an amateur, followed by being mentored by industry professionals such as Academy Award and Emmy Award -nominee Lawrence Heath (Triumph of the Will and Murder She Wrote) and the iconic John Truby.

He began working with top advertising agencies and various divisions of Walt Disney before turning professional in 1988. The next year Bobby took on the challenge of an uncredited rewrite of a highly successful Hollywood feature. This was the turning point for Bobby, who then took his place in the world-renowned Truby Black Belt screenwriting program.

The early 1990s found Bobby honing his skills by creating one of the first reality TV programs to be aired in the US – America’s Least Wanted, and writing Easy Pickins for Feder/Segal Productions.

It is no secret that the film industry is a business that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the boy from Iowa was poised for yet another stepping stone to success with a venture that would bring him down under to Australia in 1994.

Bobby brought an exclusive Walt Disney ©Consumer Products-based license he co-created to OZ. This franchise/licensing venture proved highly successful for three consecutive years, changing the way licensed toys were then, and continue to be sold in Australia.

Yet, what Bobby didn’t expect was how Australia would cast its spell on him in a very personal way.

“When I stepped off the plane in Australia, I knew I wasn’t going back,” recalls Bobby. “It is just such a great place to work, live and raise children!”

Making Oz his new home saw Bobby put down roots and delve into working with a number of producers. He applied his scriptwriting expertise, doctoring scripts; and put his efforts into making several of the producer’s projects financially viable.

He then joined Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman’s Top Cat Media in 2005 with the aim to produce high quality commercial feature films and television at a fraction of the cost of comparable Hollywood projects. The candy horror film Prey was their first project together.

Today, they are working tirelessly to bring Dust and Glory to the screen – the romance/action/adventure feature about the famous Redex Trials of the 1950s.  Additionally one of Bobby’s bigger projects in association with Apex Feline  is partnering with Christina Hutchence and Trevor Field on the biopic feature Michael Hutchence: Two Worlds Collide to the big screen.

“Both projects are progressing well, nearing production and will feature A-List talent,” says Bobby. “Simon West is on board to direct Dust and Glory, which is very exciting.  We’ve had a lot of setbacks but movies don’t just happen, they are ‘forced into birth’

Additionally Bobby is EPing a collection of projects that came from former Masterclass attendees including true basketball drama FINAL FOUR, rom com THE FIDELITY FILES (from the best selling USA novel) and rom-com-zom BRIDE OF THE DEAD, from Big Brother director Ryan Eckersley and featuring Underbelly’s Les Hill as a co-producer and actor, and a biopic documentary A LIFE UNEXPECTED—THE FRANZ STAMPFL story about the legendary Austraian-Australian man who coached Roger Bannister to the first sub four-minute miles and hundreds of other champions.

In the meantime, Melbourne –based Bobby devotes his time to mentoring up and coming film industry people through his Masterclass opportunities. He reveals it’s his way of giving back, returning the gift of his mentors Heath and Truby in shaping his career.

Bobby’s bright and charismatic persona, combined with exceptional first-hand industry knowledge and experience, and keen understanding of the film world makes his Masterclass both entertaining and informative.

Bobby jokingly says those who don’t attend his Masterclass “will die alone, cold and destitute”, never realising their dream!   Or worse… living their life wondering what they could have done to achieve their entertainment industry dreams if they’d have someone to show them the way.

Yet, there’s a sincerity in his words that reflects his desire to help others reach their ultimate potential and enjoy an industry that is both magical and fickle.

For more information and tickets to the even and about Bobby Galinsky’s Gold Coast Masterclass contact Caroline Russo Media & Public relations on 0409 451 180, or email [email protected].

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