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Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs

Book review by Jamie Campbell.


In the sixteenth instalment of the Dr Temperance Brennan series, the forensic anthropologist has an unidentified teenage girl lying on her slab.

As she delves into trying to identify the girl who was brutally run over and left alone to die in a deserted street, Dr Brennan finds herself with several other cases on her hands, all vying for her attention.

Trying to juggle a bunch of mummified artefacts that need to be validated as non-human and the haunting image of the young girl that nobody can identify, Dr Brennan’s resources are again stretched to the limit as she finds herself consulting in the case of a civilian shooting in Afghanistan.

Sidetracked by a quick trip to the Middle East, Dr Brennan returns home to find progress in the case which leads her down a deadly and dangerous path.

A caseload mixed with frustrating dead ends, a suspect pool that would make your skin crawl, and detectives that have higher profile cases, Tempe is the sole champion of the poor dead girl.

As she gets closer to finding the truth, her life is put on the line for the dead Jane Doe. With a steely determination, Dr Brennan might just go too far for her own good.

A tale woven with intrigue, mystery, and suspense, the latest Kathy Reichs is masterfully put together. The book is hard to put down and will keep you guessing in the best way possible.

The richly detailed descriptions and precise telling combine with Tempe’s no-nonsense attitude and her love of Birdie the cat to create characters that leap off the page. In amongst all the murder, you will find yourself loving the lighter moments.

A sure fire hit with all fans of Temperance Brennan, Bones of the Lost is a must read for all fans of murder mysteries and compelling storytelling.


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