DSC00574-1Simon takes Order of Nephilim to Hollywood

Interview by Melissa Szalai

On July 13, 2013 former British Intelligence Officer, and current author and lecturer Simon Treselyan will fly to Los Angeles to begin the next stage in realising his dream to bring his first novel, Order of the Nephilim to the big screen.

Simon says it will be a long anticipated journey to bring him closer to sharing a message that could have a huge impact on the way people from all walks of life perceive our rapidly changing world.

He will meet with LA-based scriptwriter John Harten to commence work on the first draft of the movie script for Order of Nephilim, which has been described as “the Da Vinci Code meets the Bourne Identity trilogy on steroids”.

Based on today’s most talked about conspiracy theories with a sci-fi element, Simon has drawn on his past 20-year career experience as a British Military Intelligence Officer to create a compelling, fast-paced story that crosses the globe.

Think beyond HAARP and chemtrails, UFOs and Area 51, to what secrets lay beneath the Antarctic ice, the legend of Atlantis, the earth’s 33 degree parallel, and the 12 tribes of the Illuminati.

“It’s a story about good overcoming evil,” says Simon.

“Order of the Nephilim is an invitation to look at what is really going on behind the scenes in the world, and inspire a massive movement of awareness – a wakeup call for people to become enlightened and make informed decisions.”

He adds that Order of Nephilim’s essence is ‘faction’, drawing on the premise that in every story of fiction there is truth.

Simon says bringing the novel to life on the big screen will take it to another level, visually entertaining the audience on a nail-bitting, edge of your seat experience that will keep viewers guessing from start to finish, and perhaps long after they leave the cinema.

The preliminary storyboard Simon has created for the film reveals the complexity of the story line and its Hollywood blockbuster potential, which has helped to define a budget for the project.IMG_0449-1

“Some funding is already in place; and the estimated budget is approximately $60 million,” he says.

Simon is an astute businessman, whose vision goes beyond this first film project.

“Order of the Nephilim is the first book of a trilogy,” he says smiling. “It is only the beginning.”

Having garnered best-seller status with his previous two personal development books – Who Dares for Success Special Forces Excellence and Courage Conquers All Things, Simon says he is confident his first novel and its screenplay adaptation will also appeal to a wide audience.

He has a strong belief in achieving success through personal development, which was born out of observing what makes people winners and losers in life, and accentuated by his time working in British Intelligence.

In November 1994, Simon retired from his final post as a Debriefing Officer for the British Ministry of Defence. He was nominated for an MBE for his service.

It was the culmination of having held and esteemed various positions in the Special Forces. Yet Simon recalls the last three years of his work debriefing torture victims and refugees in the Balkans and the Middle East that made a lasting impression on him.

“On several occasions this work inspired me about how love can overcome hate, and the power of compassion,” recalls Simon.”

“Upon retirement, and having gone through some pretty tough person relationship issues, I discovered that I could use this experience combined with that of my Special Forces training to add value to others by helping them harness untapped resources to achieve being the best they can be.”

This led to a new career for Simon as a lecturer on Personal Development, Human Potential and Peak Performance, teaching people how to achieve their goals with his distinct personal training methodology.

Simon’s new direction also led to a permanent move from England to Australia in 2003, where he continues to conduct personal development seminars for the corporate and private sector under the Starfire company banner.

He also presents numerous articles on radio, television and in the print media.

Yet right now, Simon is concentrating on one of his most personally challenging goals – to see Order of Nephilim come alive on the big screen.


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