Dee Wallace of one of the most famed movie of all time Steven Spielberg’s – ET has now joined the action adventure fairytale Snow Moon, Cinderella Chronicles, Dee has also just landed a huge part on the TV series Grim.

Altman Howarth Film Productions are ecstatic to have one of their favorite actress’s aboard as lead with Sean Stone and Alexandria Altman also starring Darlene Cates, Gabrielle Stone, Lou Wegner and Ina-Alice Kopp. Alexandria Altman quotes “I have always loved Dee Wallace and ET is number one in my movie collection as she is such a beautiful actress and the energy we were so hoping for to play this lead”.

Alexandria Altman wanted someone to play this part that was a lot like her since this part is very personal to Alexandria considering it was her Gram Pearl, the star chosen had to have the energy and the light that her own gram carried and taught Alexandria as she was growing up. Dee Wallace was and is this energy and bright light.

Dee Wallace is a rarity in Hollywood, a young actress who immediately found success and is still in demand three decades later as an accomplished veteran in her craft, with such major credits as ET: The Extraterrestrial and Cujo along the way.
But she doesn’t attribute her staying power to her blonde Midwestern good looks or traditional acting methods. She credits the intuitive style of heart-centered acting that she tapped into at the very beginning of her career and which ultimately lead the way to her becoming a highly-regarded healer and spiritual teacher, as well as an in-demand actress.

For the past decade, Wallace has blended her two careers, acting when the calls came, while simultaneously teaching the spiritual wisdom that she discerned through the perfection of her craft and her life experiences. Her new book, Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting (O Books, 2011) shares with readers the lessons she learned in her journey toward living an illuminated life.

After a Kansas childhood strained by her father’s alcoholism and suicide, and watching her mother sacrifice her own dreams of performing to keep food on the table, Wallace graduated from the University of Kansas, and then headed first to New York for two years and then to Hollywood with a passion to act.

No stranger to performing–having been a ballet dancer throughout her youth and student actress in college – she found that everything aligned in her favor to jumpstart her acting career. Wallace attained almost immediate success and in pursuing her career she eschewed traditional acting schools until she connected with Charles Conrad, who encouraged his students not to memorize,but to act from their intuitive instincts. This style of acting fit Wallace perfectly and opened her up creatively.

This inner source would provide her a wellspring of ability, and lead to significant roles in ET: The Extraterrestrial, Cujo, The Howling, Ten, The Frighteners, Critter and more than 130 movie roles; several series; 400 commercials and hundreds of television credits. Most recently Dee Wallace has been seen on Grey’s Anatomy; Cold Case; Without a Trace; Ghost Whisperer; My Name is Earl; Criminal Minds; Saving Grace; Law and Order, Los Angeles, and Detroit 1-8-7.

Wallace continues to be one of Hollywood’s most sought-after TV guest stars. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and Blake Edwards. Not even half way through 2011, she has booked a dozen movie roles. Wallace also continues to be a favorite of the talk show circuit with appearances on Oprah and The O’Reilly Factor.

In the early 1980s, Wallace actually shared the screen several times with her then husband Christopher Stone before his unfortunate, early demise from a heart attack in October, 1995. His death was a significant test of her spiritual faith and a crucible for growth. As Wallace applied what she had learned about following her heart and living from her intuition, she felt a natural inclination to share her wisdom both as an actor and spiritual teacher.

She founded a very successful acting school, which taught life lessons, as well as acting, and then she began speaking around the world. She discovered her ability to help people heal their deep wounds, release their fears and limitations, and live a more satisfying and authentic life. She continues to work with people individually and through seminars, webinars and speaking engagements. As an inspirational speaker her engagements have included numerous national and international venues such as the Love and Harmony Forum in Tokyo, Japan; the Dillion Lecture Series; Unity Temple; the Kansas Film Commission; Spiritworks; Energetic Healing seminars throughout England, and her own healing and teaching seminars throughout the United States.

Wallace has weekly international radio shows on Voice America and Awakening Zone networks and holds private healing sessions at her home in LA. As an author, Wallace devoted her first book, Conscious Creation, to the art of self-healing and she co-authored The Big E with Jarrad Hewett.Wallace has also been featured in or contributed articles for many other publications including People, US, Guideposts, Family, Awakening Zone, TV Guide, LA Times and the Washington Post.

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  1. Marinna Rose on December 9, 2013

    I had the honor of meeting Dee at DR. Joe Vitale’s event a few weeks back in Austin, Texas. She has an amazing energy that is contagious about her! I love her message and I am so happy that she is sharing it with the world.

    If you have not met or worked w/Dee yet, what are you waiting for? Go get one of her books or listen to her radio show and you will benefit!! She is a loving, compassionate soul loving life!

    Thank you for posting her latest endeavors!!

    Love & Success~Marinna Rose