hamishmThe Truth Is…?

Travelling all over the world, Hamish Macdonald is on the search for extraordinary people and the unexpected truths behind stories we thought we already knew.

An exciting collision of reportage and experience, Hamish explores the worlds of war, politics and pop culture in this three-part series. Each episode will cover two very different and surprising stories with one thing in common: they are all very human.

After The Kill
Over two million Americans, Australians and other Allied forces have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, that’s a generation who have lived through the horror of war. One in six return home with post-traumatic stress syndrome: they don’t sleep, they can’t hold down jobs and they can’t maintain relationships.

Hamish Macdonald travels to Arizona, meeting some returning soldiers to find out if they are coping with life back home.
Jesse Johnson is a former ranger sniper who has been on over 300 missions and he is now running a sniper training school. Immersing himself in Jesse’s world, Hamish learns to shoot, hears about the close bond soldiers form, and takes an unexpected trip to a beauty salon for a pedicure.

Sunny Chernobyl
Hamish travels to the Ukraine to discover the bizarre world inside a nuclear disaster zone. He tours the plant, meets Chernobyl workers, and goes in search of families who are still living illegally near the old reactor. Just a few kilometres from where explosions blew off the roof off reactor four, locals now hold Sunday picnics, water-ski and even get married.

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