The-Trylle-TrilogyThe Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

Review by Jamie Campbell.


The Trylle Trilogy consists of Switched, Torn, and Ascend, and is written by the hugely successful Amanda Hocking, a former independent author. If you haven’t heard of her before, I strongly recommend you read her journey. She is inspirational for all independent writers.

The trilogy follows Wendy who discovers she is a changeling, a troll switched at birth with a human baby in order to be raised by a human family. She is now a teenager and noticing abilities which she shouldn’t have. She is also being hunted for her bloodline and therefore must finally be reunited with her troll mother.

As she travels to the world hidden from humans, she meets her mother and discovers she isn’t just an ordinary troll, but a princess too. The kingdom is hers for the taking as soon as her ailing mother is ready to hand over the title.

Struggling with her new position, her difficult future, and her feelings for one of her protectors, Wendy is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. Caught between two warring kingdoms, she must step up and come to terms with her status as the ruler of the trolls.

Otrylle-trilogy-boxsetverall, this trilogy is well written and the momentum doesn’t stop for the complete series. You are with Wendy for her entire journey from a human struggling to come to terms with an adoptive mother that tried to kill her, to the end where she must accept her responsibilities.

In a market saturated with paranormal stories, the concept of trolls is new and intriguing. They are something yet to be fully discovered and Hocking’s books are definitely a good introduction. It’s a nice change from vampires and werewolves and well worth the read.

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