This summers Supper Club shows plus DVD release & Golden Fiddle Show

This summers Supper Club shows plus DVD release & Golden Fiddle Show -10th Anniversary!

If you overcame a struggle, helped a friend or a cause, created something from scratch, sang as you worked, sat quietly while another told their story, accepted a difficult decision, assisted a positive change, cried for joy or shed tears for a hardship, laughed till it hurt, soared in passion, swam a cold stream, found and stopped in a hot spring, held someone’s hand – then you are embracing life in these ever curious times – perhaps even away from these screens! Best of seasons greetings!

We hope you can join us as we share through music, our impressions and passions of the years gone and likely ahead!

Firstly there is the new DVD from Totally Gourdgeous, “Shades of the Vine” available now & launched @ Woodford!
from 4 cameras with audience at Enrec Studio, November a year ago. This is the band where all the instruments are made of Pumpkins (Gourds)! The legendary PackRack song in all its multi-language/ faceted glory! Forwards AND backwards and even silent for the visual only! Hundreds of hours spent finding the best angle of delivery from Penelope Swales, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo & Clermont for an hour of, as we say – Punning Pathos, Heartfelt Hilarity, Messages of Love, Fellowship and Environmental sanity.
And shucks – incase you won’t see us too soon, the new TG DVD can be ordered right here and I’ll send back the bank details for direct deposit.
– Oh, and if you were one of the fortunate to be at the DVD gig, please remind us!!

Andrew Clermont’s International Supper Club is in it’s 17th year! and most appreciated to have shared music from across the world with / through hundreds of performers. This year we return from 10 days in Estonia!
Click here to see the latest Posters & brochures as they update – and if you’d like the poster files to print out, just ask! Below are some of the personnel detail for both gatherings! Woodford first & Tamworth further below.

@ Woodford Folk Fest in Bill’s Bar Dec 27-Jan1
Twice Daily! 3pm & 9pm -ish.
The last 2 years have seen The Supper Club join Woodford officially – though it is more like a home coming – for The Supper Club was born of the gatherings at Andrew Pattisons Wine Bar/ Troubadour through the previous 30 years of Woodford & The National Folk Festival!
The line up includes
Totally Gourdgeous (DVD Launch),
Marilla Homes – Irish to Opera via Patsy
Ingrid Wangel & her Nickelharpa (see poster)
Louise Adams (VIC/SA),
Hannah PC & Mark Aspden – Clarinet (VIC)
Chontia Robinson & Parris Macleod – Keyboards (QLD),
Jude iddison – Fiddle & Ukelele (WA),
Jeri Foreman – Fiddle (SA),
Sam Reed – Drums & Flügel Horn! (WA)
Jess Stocker – percussion – Gubal, Darbuka, Kahon (NSW),
Maja & The Goodvibes (QLD) – Maja Puseljic, Cara Tran (Keyboard/Fiddle, Monique Bartkowiak (QLD) – Cello
The Leaping Lizards (QLD) – Ron Dmick
Chris Rogers – Banjo, Octave mandolin, guitar & vocals (Mildura, NSW),
Astro Cobalt – modern Oldtime! (SA),
Maik Antrack – Bass (Germany),
and of course Andrew Clermont (from everywhere 🙂 +… always surprises.

@ North Tamworth Bowling Club Jan 17 – 24

Performers who weren’t at Woodford are highlighted

Leslie Avril (1st Sat & Sun 6pm only)
Louise Adams (VIC)(where Calamity Jane meets Kate Cebrano! :-),
Chontia Robinson & Parris Macleod (been there from the start 17 years ago!)(QLD),

Jude Iddison – sawing the bow from (WA)
Philomena Carroll & Paul Wookey (Gold Guitar Winner) – classic country done brilliantly (VIC),
Jess Stocker – endeared to all with her presence & percussive finesse (NSW) 

Sweetness & Light (Simon Frank & Marta Bayly) seasoned song-writing and harmony (SA) till Thu,
Daniel Gillett (Harp Uke) – popping up in many a guise – perhaps even with clarinet!
Maik Antrack – Bass – sometimes hard to tell if he is on the stage or he IS the stage! (Germany),

Taylor Pfeiffer – the epitome of creative youth (SA), Banjo & Girls Night
Chris Rogers – brings Dobro & Banjo to a new class and tone
Rauno Vaher (Netherlands) – last seen in Tallinn, Estonia, it is believed he’ll next re-appear at The Supper Club on Mon 19th – Reggae Drummer (Jamaican Country) but I’ll sure he’ll adapt…

Brookie Schiemer (over 10years with the Sup Club) along with Louise Adams, bless us with the next generation of potential 🙂 Congratulations to both! We hope Brookie can manage a few appearances before the call.
Marilla Homes – brings new depth to sublime performance.
Jeri Foreman & Gäge Stead
 are forever exploring the next tune, lookout! (SA),

Nigel Lever (NSW) – the un-questioned Gentleman of Bluegrass (best seen Monday Night)
Montz Matsumoto (Tas) – if ever we had a multi-cultural ambassador for Bluegrass !
Andrew Clermont – Chameleon Performer – (Europe & OZ) plus a host of extras – see below
Click here and scroll down to see the latest Posters & info as they update

6pm Shows are A-Mix-of-All-the-Nights (no 6pm show Friday)

alway different and a grand showground of talent and invention of “The Fellowship” above.

9pm Shows have unique flavours!! 

Sat 17 Fiddle & Mandolin – Champions from all directions!

Sun 18 Ukelele & Mandolin (we figured more is better!) plus Mick Conway & Rob Long, TRUGS (Tamworth Ukes amassed by Brookie Schiemer), the graceful Harp Uke with Daniel Gillett, Wild Women of Armidale, Sam Leman & Lucy Wise!

Mon 19 Banjo & Oldtime – plus Sian Evans (Rusty Datsuns), Leanne Tennant(TBC), Golden Fiddle Life-time Achievement Award winners – The Leaping Lizards (QLD) and our beloved Montz Matsumoto.

Tue 20 Girls Night plus Women in Docs, Sian Evans, Leanne Tennant, and Armidale soul voiced Emily & Jess Stocker

Wed 21Guitar Night – Special guests Byron Bay Busking Champions Nick & Sam, highly awarded Tullara Connors, Clermont & Maik Antrack cut loose with Ron Dymick, Guy Kachel, and plenty TBA

Thu 22 Piano Night – Parris Macleod returns with his music from movies & albums afar and the various session players usually sneak in through the night! Including likely Accordian & Harmonica worlds !- Plenty TBA

Fri 23 International Night with Mark Atkins & Friends (our legendary Didg player all over the World and Olympic Games) and the vocal gold of the Crosby Sisters together with Euro visitors Maik Antrack & Rauno Vaher & the Supper Club big band!

Sat 24 The Finale – the final show & tell from the week’s mighty mingle
(6pm is Bluegrass!) Booking highly advised

Tamworth tickets are $20 & $15 concession available from the door or Info Centre
– or get a Season pass for $200 (5 free shows)

Golden Fiddle Show @ The Capitol Theatre
10.30am Wednesday Jan 21
Celebrating 10 years of the Golden Fiddle Awards – all the live music without the Awards! Hosted by Pixie, we take you through the history of the GFA and Fiddledom itself. Special guest to give rhyme to reason, Ted Egan, with a symphonic performance of The Drovers Boy!
Fiddlers from all over Australia will be present and powering. Not to be missed! Much thanks to Epoch Strings for the years of Sponsoring.

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