Trailer Launch: Break The Rock At Movie World

Break the Rock Trailer Launch Movie World
Photo Credit Mirre Jenkins Hush Hush Biz photos

Michael O’Halloran Producer and Director, of Mohworks Films over a 100 crew and special guests invited to view the screening of the much awaited trailer Break the Rock. With months in development to produce and with the efforts of a selected QLD film crews and actors who got behind this project.
Michael O’Halloran has put together a very impressive blockbuster trailer, with his writer Adam Harmer and soundtrack. They are now keen to get funding for the next step to make a film or have expression of interest with other big producers. For anyone that is interested in talking to Michael, contact him here on his FB
Hush Hush Biz will follow up on Michael and the film very soon and keep you posted here.

Vincent Gorce

Shaun Sarah and Violet King

Sharon , Ashlee tim and Michael Lollback2

Shannon Lindsay, Caroline Russo and Monette Lee

Samantha Poulson, Ayla Monreal, Teggan Miller and Sam Robinson

Daryl Plumridge, Matt Murphy and Jarrad Rooke

Daniel Warner and Ash Munro

Adam Harmer

Bec Redsell and Meaghan Donaldson

Bee Redsell ,Meaghan Donaldson, Bronte Rohrig and Daria SMith

Craig Gaffery, Connie Gallo and Craig Gallo

Caitlin Ball, Tom Cuddihy, Joan Haigh Emily Steer and Chris Steer

Daniel James and James Harris

Daniel Warner and Ash Munro

Darrell Plumridge and Shannon Lindsey skipping

Hugh and Sarah Parker

Hugh Parker and Michael O'Halloran

Jessica Hickey, Suzanna Crismani, Josh Kieser and Jemmah Peacock

Joe Lancaster, Michelle McGilvray and Mathew Ault

Josh Arndt and Max Pickering

Katie Stewart- Robbins and Lee Monette

Laura Hitchins, Marguerite Cuddihy, Madison Wilday and Madison Sturgess

Salvatore Merenda, Caroline Russo and Linda Miller

Rob Horton and Hugh Parker

Nathan Hedger

Mirre Jennings and Adrian Diery

Michael O'Halloran and Adam Harmer

Michael O'Halloran and  Daniel Warner

Michael O'Halloran and  Ashlee Lollback 2

Matt Murphy and Jarrod Rooke

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  1. monette lee on March 2, 2014

    It was a great night and I wish the talented team every success. I was very impressed by the high quality and I can’t wait to see the finished film and to work with Michael sometime if possible. He seems like a very talented guy on his way up. Go guys one and all!! And great to see my friend Hugh doing a great part and all 4 in their ghost buster type suits to attack the mystery ‘monster’..
    It was a fun night and terrific to see so many of my students and colleagues there. x