Hush Hush Biz would like to pay respects to some of the well known famous creative artists of our time that have passed on in 2012.

RIP and Thanks for  all the wonderful contribution you have left us with.

1. Actor Ernest Borgnine

2. Actress Phyllis Diller

3. Singer Actress Whitney Houston.

4 Actor Jack Klugman.

5. Singer Andy Williams.

6 Film Maker Tony Scott and brother of Ridley Scott.

  • NAME: Anthony David Scott
  • OCCUPATION: Director
  • BIRTH DATE: July 211944
  • DEATH DATE: August 192012
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: North Shields, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom

7. Singer Donna Summer

8 Actress Celeste Holm.

9. TV Producer Writer Don Brinkley.

10. TV American Bandstand Dick Clark.

11. TV Actor Larry Hagman.

12 Actor  Andy Griffith.

13. Singer Writer Robin Gibb.

14. The Monkey Singer  Davy Jones


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