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Pisces is the final sign in the 12 fold Zodiac process. Thus Pisces offers us completion, rest, dreaming, gestation, contemplation, inspiration and ‘flying faith and trust airlines’ as you journey through March. So give up fretting or feeling frustrated if things are not quite clear or haven’t kicked into gear yet folks…remember the reward of patience is patience.
With Neptune and Chiron joining this New Moon in sweet aspect to Jupiter in Cancer we have a powerful healing and intuition theme on offer. In the White Magic teachings we learn that directing our imagination and visualizing our desires then allows the invisible forces of the etheric web to build form around our intention…cool hey. You don’t get much more Piscean than this! If we can master our lower fear based nature by nurturing our fear we may then relax, trust the flow of our creative process and make like a cool person in these weird and challenging times.

If we do this then we are in good shape for the Sun’s entrance into Aries on March 21st followed by the first Aries new moon on March 31st, when our new natural year kicks into motion. Yes despite the promise of the last new Aquarian Moon for high octane change, we must still pass through the natural order of things to set ourselves up for this to occur as the year unfolds.

During February we have also been living with a dreary, sluggish Mercury retrograde in hard aspect with good old Saturn…depressing fellow he can be. So watch any tendency to negative thinking and falling victim to a ‘can I really be bothered’ kind of attitude. This aspect is fab for high organization of the back end of your world…book work, list writing, and using my ’12 System Yearly Planner’ to dream up your year to come. So please come along to my March 8th workshop – ‘Planning Your Year with the ‘12System’ – drop me a line if you’d like to join us or order the recording. The good news is that after March 13th the sludge zone moves on and Mercury then enters Pisces on the March 17th.

Activator Mars has been in Libra since December and now begins his retrograde phase until mid-May. So if you thought all the relationship ‘stuff’ was done and dusted then think again. The purpose of retro phases is to restructure & reassess the theme of the planet and sign involved. So during March & April we are all re-visioning our relating patterns and dramas that may be keeping us stuck in old co-dependent mode. When you add this to Jupiter in Cancer we see the ingredients for releasing peeps or family situations whom we have ‘set up’ to appear to block us…up until now! Our old unconscious beliefs about our right to ‘have a free will, take action and be courageous’ (Mars) create our relating patterns.

So if you’re feeling angry/frustrated about people in your life have a good look at your own fear of flying independently ‘in your own right’. Sometimes it’s easier to blame someone else than own our own need to ‘individuate’…here ended the sermon…hope you get it! The up side is developing healthy new people, ingredients and marketing solutions to grow your life and projects over the next few months.
1779830_705637306123772_1224253411_nI love this pic I took of Mother/Child at Glastonbury recently. Isn’t she beautiful? Pisces symbolizes the Christos principal where love and compassion are born from the purity and innocence of the opposite sign Virgo…hence the true meaning of the ‘Virgin Birth’. When we are compassionate to ourselves and all things and people we pass through an ‘initiation’ or threshold from the lower fear driven ego nature to our higher potential as a ‘Spiritualized being’. This is why Pisces is the final stage of the journey to wholeness, where we must surrender our will, ego and mind to serve the greater good…and all that stuff!

So take time out whenever you can until March 21st. Dream fresh dreams, incubate your creative inspiration, be kind to yourself and others as you wait for the season to change. There is much to look forward to in this year of change…much excitement and optimism. All you have to do is live a conscious life and work with the cycles of revolutionary upgrade currently unfolding. Yes our current system is greedy, selfish and unsustainable. So be the opposite and we shall all prevail to be the change we want to see.

New Moon 10 deg Pisces

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