Cameron and Jayden Caulfield, also known as the Caulfield brothers, are quickly making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Age only 11 and 13 years old they have already appeared in a number of commercials, music videos, short films and feature films. However, the brothers are currently working on their biggest and most exciting project yet, as they are in the middle of producing and acting in the short film ‘Taste of Poverty’ written entirely by them.

The young and ambitious Gold Coast/Brisbane actors are looking to take their careers to the next level and create a little movie magic of their own. ‘Taste of Poverty’ is a short film set around two mums and their sons and tells the contrasting story of the rich son and the poor son. The brothers describe it as a feel good film that sets out to show that money is not the only thing that can make you happy, and that imagination is priceless. “We were inspired to make ‘Taste of Poverty’ because we are not the wealthiest of families and we wanted to show people that even without having lots of money you can still have fun”, says Jayden.

The brothers say that they received an overwhelming amount of support to go ahead with their short film project. “We decided to go ahead and make the film because of the awesome support from our friends in the industry and because so many people volunteered to help,” says Cameron. “We realised how many people were willing to support us and help us in any way possible, ” Jayden adds.

So far the boys have found it to be a very exciting and educational experience. “The best part so far has been when our director Russ Welsh came over and taught us about making a shoot list,” says Cameron. However, they have found some aspects to be more challenging than others. “The most challenging part was getting our crew together and ready for shoot day,” he says.

Being close to their shoot day both brothers are very excited about what lies ahead of them. “We are looking forward to seeing how the shooting comes along on the day, and we also look forward to the delicious food on set,” says Cameron.
“I am looking forward to bringing my role to life by both acting my character and helping create the movie,” says Jayden.

Apart from the Caulfield brothers, the crew consists of co-director Russ Welsh and camera operator Michael Freudenberg. The cast along with the brothers includes Carolyn Wagne and Renee Eaves. Also in the mix are quix graduates filling in on other key roles and respected lighting man Michael Peterson as well as sound man Anthony Simmonds.

IMG_0707Although the boys only entered the industry a year ago, Jayden says he has always felt the need to entertain his friends and family. “After my mum and I had watched a movie on TV she asked me if I wanted to do acting and I said yes that sounds like fun,” says Jayden. “After saying yes our mother signed us up on a website and it all stemmed from there, ” says Cameron.

There is no doubt that the two young actors who want to make a living out of acting are on their way to making their dream come true. “We have big goals in life, we set the bar high for ourselves,” says Cameron and Jayden.

Interview by Charlot Daysh

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  1. PETER JOSEPH DAYSH on January 8, 2014

    Hi Charlot. I was impressed by the above interviews. You have done exceptionally well for a girl that has come from Norway and worked hard at Bond Uni in Brisbane. We’re sure you’ll do well Down Under. Lots of love from Nannie and Granddad (retired newspaper man) in Manchester, England.