HIGH TIDE……. Children’s Hospital Foundation Charity Event

It was a evening that brought together many VIP guests to a exclusive party that was organized by Jessica Butland from Radioactive Pictures, and Rebecca Wright from Top Gun Conveyancing, to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and combine a party of selected business people in Brisbane to raise a cheer to the end of this year on the banks of Kangaroo Point at Riverlife.

With a host of sponsors to get behind the event were Mercedez-Benz Brisbane, Green Becon Brewing Co., Style My Celebration, Diamond Island Resort, Vodka+, Caroline Russo Enterprises, Belle Property New Farm, Sirromet Wines, Urbanna and Hush Hush Biz .

The money raised on the night was $2,000.00 in order to aid to the Children’s Hospital Fund.

Title Photo: Jessica Butland & Rebecca Wright

Jacob Cooke, Hannah Rowe, Dominique Wehrman, Ashley Dixon, Jessica Booker & Rebecca Wright

Brett Howard, Francesco Gilbert, Poulina Romoano & Rebecca Dennis

Caroline Russo & Jessica Butland

Faith Williams & Jeremy Hassell

Bek Hannon, Cath Hannon & Andrea Ward-Isles

Jared Vaud & Jeremy Ryan

Linda Lola

Sandra Larkin & Rosie Pope

Steph Ogden & Tegan Fisher

Katie Baker & Liz Bailey

Stacey Comlan, Ryan Comlan, Jacob Cherry & Zita Cherry

Ivo Kornel & Adrian Kirwan

Mildred Ellwood & Rose Ellwood

Jodie Burden & Elizabeth Ergelbrecht

Jane Perrior & Jo Clarkin

Jessica Butland & Luke Mackey

Photos Credit: Hush Hush Biz

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