Conversation with Alex Lykos, and Richard Brancatisano

A new Australian film is out today October 22nd “Alex and Eve” and we had a great meeting up in Brisbane with writer Alex Lykos and lead actor Richard Brancatisano. After exchanging few laughs as to our backgrounds being ethnic we begin to chat on the film that is personal story to Alex, who has had this on stage over the years and its been loved by 35.000 and has been in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. That has been a real buzz Alex smiles as he tells me as to fact that it was so popular and the demand of making this a film, we hope that the feature film now can transform to the new audiences to see this and I am really proud of what this has turned out to be!



The film director Peter Andrikidis had 5 weeks to shoot the romantic comedy story in Sydney, that has a touch of My Greek Wedding which brings together two very different cultural families: Greek and Muslim. Andrikidis who has worked in the TV industry for many years also did the Kings of Mykonos with Nick Giannopoulos. The lead lovebirds are Richard who is Alex and Andrea Demetriades is Eve. They are forbidden to marry and as Richard says to me today it is a story that will cover generation gaps of the two families that are so objective of Alex and Eve being in love, and shows the interesting journey in the film as to the fear that is injected so much and how religious belief plays out in the cultural differences. In the end it’s Alex and Eve who teach their families on how to drop fear and cut the embolic cord so to speak as to making the changes and it has some really funny moments along the way.
Alex and Eve opened up the Brisbane Greek Film festival last night at the Palace Cinemas which had two sold out cinemas which worked well to be in time for this festival. Alex says we expect that in the next week it should have a good word of mouth as it opens up in a lot of other cinemas national and the buzz has been really good so far. It is a delightful film and has some great lines and messages and lead actors shine in there roles here. Go see it and celebrate another Aussie film release.
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4 stars out of 5

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  1. nick antoniou on January 14, 2016

    When will the movie be out on DVD Im spewing that i missed it at the cinemas …..

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