Billy Raymond.

Billy Raymond.

Goodbye and thanks to a great entertainer Billy Raymond. 

Scottish  international entertainer Billy Raymond Born on January 6th 1938 died of lung cancer on the  evening of May 15th  2013  and is said to have quietly  gone in his sleep. He has over the last few years been challenged with related heath issues that dealt with heart bypass operations. In December 2010 Billy underwent a major operation for the removal of a cancerous kidney .

Billy Raymond who has been living on the Gold Coast for number of years now and has had a very full life in working in the industry of entertainment of  stage TV and theatre, and was known for his many wonderful shows and his comic impersonations. A close friend Kelvin Cordell  today recalls that he was  larger than life entertainer who will be sadly missed by him and many others that were close to him. Mr Cordell who managed the GC Arts Centre for 23 years now retired said that  when he come to Australia he become famous and was  well known in the circles of  all entertainment  and clubs specially in Sydney where he was non stop performing.  In  2003  he moved to Gold Coast and was  Front of house and Jazz Manger of Arts Theatre Gold Coast  He always gave  great support to anyone in showbiz world and was a true professional.

The Art Centre GC will present a Celebration of the life of Billy Raymond in the Paradise Room on May 23rd at 11.00am. All are welcome to attend.


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  1. I know it’s late and I’m so sorry for that, but I never even knew that Billy had been sick. My grandmother (Edna May Gault nee O’Brien) who married a Scot, was one of the founding pipers in the original Lakemba Womens Pipe Band and somehow through this became friends with Billy. I went with her to all of his shows on NSW Central Coast and she was always able to catch up with him as if no time had passed right up until she passed away on Boxing Day 1983. I have had a busy life raising children and now I have beautiful grandchildren. I passed on my Scottish genes to all of them apparently, as they love all things Scottish. Especially music, pipes, Billy Raymond and Andy Stewart. I decided to check up on Billy today and was devastated by what I found. Australia’s Own Scot was a great entertainer and this world will be much less now that I know we won’t see him anymore . Again, I know it’s late, but God be with you all.
    Much love and respect.

  2. Roy Davidson on October 15, 2022

    I lived close to Billy( Then Raymond Hubner) We were quite friendly. . When I was about 17, I was training to be a press photographer. Raymond was into acting and one night he said to me “In a few years we might meet when you are taking my picture and I get into show business”… I am now 85 but I can still remember. What brought this all back was watching TV tonight when there is a spot that tune show….. Nothing new!

    • Caroline Russo Author on November 11, 2022

      Thank you for your comments what a lovely story and he was lovely man that I got to share some fun times with in his last years with mutual friends. Take care Caroline