Australian Premier Of Horror Film Charlies Farm

The Opening Premier of Charlie’s Farm the first of Horror Flick slasher Chris Sun film, brought out the lead Stars Tara Reid direct from LA as well Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, with full cast and crew. VIP party was later held at the Sunshine Coast where the film was made and now will be touring with other premiers around Australia as well as Supanova this year in Adelaide and Brisbane. Film Release is 4th December national and 2105 International. Check out FB to keep up to date

Charlie Red carpet-91

Charlie Red carpet-58Charlie Red carpet-74Charlie Red carpet-92

Charlie Red carpet-71
Charlie Red carpet-37

Charlie Red carpet-135Charlie Red carpet-147Charlie Red carpet-159Charlie Red carpet-81Charlie Red carpet-50Charlie Red carpet-29

Charlie Red carpet-2
Charlie Red carpet-19Charlie Red carpet-161

Charlie Red carpet-127

Charlie Red carpet-39

Charlie Red carpet-11

Charlie Red carpet-12

Charlie Red carpet-26Charlie Red carpet-30

Charlie Red carpet-3Charlie Red carpet-103

Charlie Red carpet-165Charlie Red carpet-94Charlie Red carpet-78
Charlie Red carpet
Charlie Red carpet-144

Charlie Red carpet-150

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