Limited-edition loungewear to help you stay on the couch, while staying on trend.

Activewear is a multi-billion-dollar industry. ‘Inactivewear’ however, remains completely untouched… until now.

BINGE, Australia’s newest entertainment streaming service, has partnered with THE ICONIC to create ‘INACTIVEWEAR’ – an exclusive line of unisex luxe-loungewear, launching on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.

With over half of Australians (57%) stating they’ve streamed at least 20% more content during COVID-19*, INACTIVEWEAR has been designed to provide Bingers with maximum comfort, while bingeing on the world’s best shows and movies.

Tahnee Atkinson, Australian model and INACTIVEWEAR brand ambassador, said: “Like most people recently, I’ve had more down time than ever before, and have been at home streaming plenty of entertainment.

“I’m delighted to help BINGE launch INACTIVEWEAR – a range that will allow Australians to up their style-game, while they relax at home and binge on all their favourite content.”
BINGE Chief Marketing Officer, Louise Crompton said: “BINGE speaks to the heart of what unturnoffable entertainment is all about. Escaping from the real world and indulging in an episode of a show you love, and another and another.

“And with one in two Australians telling us they love to binge content in loose, comfortable leisure wear*, we were inspired to create our own line of luxe-loungewear to help Bingers stream over 10,000 hours of the world’s best shows and movies in style.

“The range caters for all ‘Bingers’. From the ‘lounge room fashionistas’ and the ‘skinny jeans resisters,’ to the ‘invitation decliners’ and the ‘indulgent couch recliners’. Put on your INACTIVEWEAR, switch your phone to silent and escape with unturnoffable drama, reality, lifestyle, comedy, movies and more at your fingertips,” Crompton said.

INACTIVEWEAR is made up of 19 individual pieces, including crew neck jumpers, hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuit pants, shorts and socks.

The range will be available in sizes XS–XL exclusively on while stocks last.

Prices are as follows:
Hoodies $99.99
Crew Necks $89.99
Sweatpants $89.99
Shorts $69.99
Socks $29.99
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