A House Husbands’ Guide OUR MEAL, THEIR MEAL

A House Husbands’ Guide OUR MEAL, THEIR MEAL
The little ones & grown-ups cookbook
By Aaron Harvie

As a growing family, the tendency is to spend hours labouring in the kitchen trying to make several meals for both adults and children.
And as parents you might worry your picky toddler won’t eat your favourite spicy curry so end up spending double the time in the kitchen and double the expense in ingredients.
But why prepare two meals, when you only need to make one?
A House Husbands’ Guide Our Meal, Their Meal features simple, economic and speedy recipes with varieties that both the little ones and grown-ups can enjoy together for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The carefully designed meals will allow you to spend more time with your children and less time worrying about what they can eat.
Save time in the kitchen and expand your little one’s horizons with these delectable, easy-to-cook meals that will take all the thinking out of your family meal planning.
Author Aaron Harvie says: ‘I hope that the recipes in this book make it easier for you to enjoy more meals together, as you create your own family dinner traditions.’
‘I have tried to keep the dishes as varied as possible, some packed with flavour, others simple and easy, not only to provide parents with a little diversity but also try and cover the spectrum of our Little Ones’ fussy palettes.’
In this book, Aaron also inspires to not only make your life easier, but also create healthier eating choices for your family.
‘Kids are like mimics, if you’re eating good food chances are your kid will too. If they see their parents eating vegetables at dinnertime, having salads with their meals, drinking water instead of soft drink, then they’re more likely to follow suit,’ adds Aaron.
The perfect family cookbook, A House Husbands’ Guide Our Meal, Their Meal also features tips, tricks
and amusing stories that make this House Husbands’ Guide series just as fun to read as it is to cook from.

Published by New Holland Publishers RRP: $35.00
Format: Flexi
Publication date: May 2018

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aaron Harvie is a former MasterChef contestant (Series 2 and All-Stars) and has recently completed hosting season one of the Channel 10 lifestyle program ‘Love to Share’. Aaron’s recipes have featured in many publications including Women’s Health, Women’s Fitness, FHM, Filmink, New Idea, Woman’s Day, NW, OK. He also has his own monthly column in JB Hi Fi’s magazine Stack as well as his own food blog Food That Rocks and is a featured contributor in Africa’s largest food blog Food 24. Additionally, more of his recipes can be found in theMasterChef Australia Volume 2 Cookbook and The Diabetes Australia Cookbook.

OUR MEAL, THEIR MEAL, New Holland Publishers RRP$35.00 available from all good book retailers or online www.newhollandpublishers.com

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